Reliance introduces LYF Wind 6 and LYF Flame 1 smartphones


Reliance has launched a couple of entry level smartphones in the LYF lineup called LYF Wind 6 and Flame 1 that are priced in the sub Rs 7,000 price bracket. These two smartphones are one of the most affordable entry level smartphones in the market with superior features and quality, claims a press release that is released by Reliance Jio.

As per the statement, these entry level LYF smartphones are made unique as these phones are packed with cutting edge technology including VoWi-Fi and VoLTE. These features will deliver a True 4G experience to the users when the devices are used on a network that supports VoLTE.

The VoWi-Fi and VoLTE features imply the Voice over LTE and Voice over Wi-Fi features that are on demand these days. Both the LYF Flame 1 and Wind 6 smartphones feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset that is paired with 1 GB of RAM for decnet multitasking. These smartphones from LYF flaunt a 5 MP selfie snapper and a 5 MP main snapper along with additional features such as smile detection and blink detection.

The LYF Wind 6 boasts of a 5 inch IPS display featuring a compact and premium gloss finished design that is designed to suit the communication requirements. The device is available in a slew of colors such as gold, black and white.

The LYF Flame 1 is designed for those users who want to click perfect selfies all the time. It has a front camera that is capable of rendering a great video calling experience. This smartphone is available in four color options such as white, black, dark red, and dark blue.

These new smartphones from Reliance add to the already existing cheap entry level 4G smartphones from different makers such as Lenovo, Micromax, etc. Right now, the sub Rs 10,000 priced smartphones are gaining popularity in the Indian market for the advanced features that they pack. We need to wait to see the impact that these smartphones can create in the market.





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