Relive the Magic of 90s Bollywood Music: Shemaroo Entertainment Recreates Bollywood 90s Songs with New-Age Singers

Shemaroo Entertainment Recreates Bollywood 90s Songs with New-Age Singers
Relive the Magic of 90s Bollywood Music: Shemaroo Entertainment Recreates Bollywood 90s Songs with New-Age Singers

The 90s era of Bollywood music holds a special place in the hearts of millions, evoking cherished memories and a warm sense of nostalgia. These unforgettable songs became anthems for a whole generation, resonating with listeners of all ages. Now, Shemaroo Entertainment has taken these timeless melodies and given them a new lease of life with a modern twist.

Unlike simply repackaging classics, Shemaroo Entertainment has breathed fresh energy into these evergreen tracks by collaborating with talented new-age singers. The aim is to create a seamless blend of nostalgia and modernity, preserving the essence of the original melodies while appealing to today’s discerning youth. While some songs have already been released, new ones will be unveiled every week, allowing music enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the golden era of Bollywood.

To kickstart this extraordinary project, Shemaroo Entertainment has meticulously chosen these iconic songs from Bollywood’s rich repertoire, ensuring a comprehensive representation of the era’s musical brilliance. These tracks have been beautifully recreated by aspiring singer Arunati Roy from Durgapur (Paschim Bardhaman), West Bengal, supported by Hiranmoy Mandal, R3ZR and Sunny Karmakar who has helped in the execution of the project.

The recreated masterpieces will be showcased to a global audience through Shemaroo’s extensive distribution across platforms like YouTube channels – Filmi Gaane, Indipop, Romantic Hindi Songs, 90s Hindi Songs, and across more than 150 global Online Music Streaming platforms like Resso, Spotify, Apple Music, Wynk Music, Amazon Music, JioSaavn etc. along with Telco-CRBT and Radio.

Expressing her excitement of recreating songs for Shemaroo Entertainment, Arunati Roy said, “I am thrilled and honoured to be a part of this extraordinary musical journey with Shemaroo Entertainment in Association with Hindi Unplugged World. Recreating these iconic Bollywood songs is a dream come true for me as a budding artist. It’s an incredible opportunity to infuse these timeless melodies with a fresh new-age touch and bring joy to the hearts of the younger audience. This project is a true celebration of music. It is a great opportunity created by Shemaroo to promote young artists, providing them with a platform to showcase their exceptional talent.”

This initiative marks the beginning of Shemaroo’s efforts to discover and nurture fresh voices, offering a chance for aspiring artists to join hands with Shemaroo and reach a wider audience. Through this Shemaroo is creating opportunities for emerging talents to make their mark in the music industry and contribute to the vibrant musical landscape. In line with their commitment to enhance the listening experience for GenZ and Gen Alpha audiences who have a fondness for 90s songs, the company is actively seeking similar budding artists to recreate and sing these timeless melodies.

This unique initiative promises to be a grand celebration of Bollywood’s rich musical heritage, infused with the fresh energy of contemporary talent. Get ready to relive the magic of 90s Bollywood music like never before!