ReshaMandi India’s largest B2B market reinforced leadership team


ReshaMandi, India’s first and largest B2B marketplace, reinforced its leadership team by appointing Abhishek Kumar as SVP – Marketing and Subramanya Srikant as Head of Human Resources. With this hiring, ReshaMandi focused to extend operations, as well as moving closer to its broader goal of shaping the ecosystem of natural fibers in India.

On his appointment, Abhishek mentioned, “I am extremely anticipated to be a part of a team that has exceptional values and future plans. We have a solid business model in place that’s weaving an unbelievable story around availability, accessibility, and profitability for all the shareholders.

Telling this story to a larger audience is an advantage and I am humbled to market a brand like this both from the point of view of the B2B and B2C audiences. We are here to innovate a definitive brand that we hope will be a part of our pop culture too.”

Subramanya Srikant, Head of Human Resources, is a seasoned HR leader who brings over two decades of industry experience in the execution of employee strategy, end-to-end HR starting programs, and service delivery management to align with major organizational priorities. “I am anticipated to join Reshamandi as it is a company focussed on helping farmers and small-time rural businessmen enabling Technology, said Subramanya.

His areas of skill include policy design, application of standardized human resource processes, talent management, M and A, rewards and benefits, employee engagement, and reservation programs besides analytics. Previously, Subramanya was the Head of HR at River sand Technologies, a Data management company. He started his career working as an IT developer for Telecom giant AT and T and spent the first 12 years of his career working for fortune 100 companies mainly in the technical domain.

ReshaMandi has also expanded acquisition facilities to the South with centers in Salem and Dharmavaram which are one of the major weaving regions, and to the North to assist weavers in Banaras and Chanderi. The company is exploring efficient technology, scientific testing, logistics, finance, demand, and growth with a once-in-a-millennia interference of a traditional sector.

ReshaMandi, via the Atmanirbhar Bharat concept, is also actively boosting the skill development of artisans and weavers, to facilitate self-sufficiency.

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