Restaurants adapting Text Message Marketing


Text messaging is one of the most favourable and efficient means of marketing. Almost all the customers own their own smartphones and they are all susceptible to read text messages that are unlikely to be spam.

SMS: Texting people to avail the limited period sales and lightning offers at the right hour, that is just before noon when they are craving some delightful food, these messages attract them like bees to honey!

Setting up the Subscribers List: It’s not legally possible to get a list of contact numbers and message them in a bulk. According to the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and the Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing (CAN-SPAM) Act, it is necessary to get consumers’ permission to send them marketing texts, and you have to provide them the privilege to simply opt-out.

So, to reach out with people you have to get through with the existing customers via forms and other necessary methods and should too often update them about the restaurant’s recent services. And likewise, the messages you send them must be short and only the required information must be conveyed.

Promotion: Once you have the consent permission from the customer to send them marketing messages, you may revise them about the restaurant’s latest dishes and their offers without exceeding a limit in the number of messages. You may likewise wish them during festivals and explain to them your best offers. Most of the restaurants send these messages just before noon or dinner when people’s stomach starts to growl.

Providing exclusive deals like students mid-day meal deal, 4pax family dinner deal only for the subscribed customers would easily attract more customers into subscribing the text messages and also this will be shared by the customers which will gradually raise the subscriber’s count of text messages.

Dividing Subscriber Database: It isn’t feasible to send the same text message to people of all age groups. An offer sent to a 60year old man cannot be forwarded to a college-going boy, their demands are distinctive. Therefore it’s mandatory to arrange the subscriber database to diverse age groups.

Customer Engagement: Text messaging is the most convenient system to understand the latest interests of customers. Customers can be updated with the new offers and timings. Restaurants can also understand the likes and dislikes of each customer and chart them up to diverse age groups thus widening customer satisfaction.

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