Robots as intelligent assistants to face COVID-19 pandemic


It transports medicines, food, and smartphone to the affected in quarantine.

Who is Quarantined?

Anyone who has had close contact with someone who may be a confirmed case of coronavirus infection. Close contact is defined as being within 2 meters or 6 feet from an individual infected with COVID-19 for a protracted time. This involves living with, sharing, or visiting a closed space with the infected person. Even being coughed upon by an individual with COVID-9 infection can qualify you as an in-depth contact. The health departments identify close contacts through what’s referred to as contact tracing.

Members of a personal robotics institute from Karamadai, including three school students, have claimed to possess developed a robot to help those in COVID-19 self-isolation.

Founding father of Mukkudal Robotics, S.D.R. Niranjan, who mentored the project, demonstrated the machine here on Saturday.

He said that K. Viswanath, a Class 11 student, and K. Nithin and S. Athul Krishna, Class 10 students, came up with the thought in April and therefore the machine was developed during a month.

The robot accommodates eight sensors, including ultraviolet, touch, gyro, and color sensors, he added.

With a capability to hold up to 10 kg, the machine could assist in giving food, clothes, and medicine to COVID-19 patients in self-isolation with no human interference and also had a provision to put a smartphone for teleconsultation with doctors, Mr. Niranjan said. It could also carry hand sanitizers to the patients and will clean an area by itself, he claimed.

While it might be controlled using a remote, the robot could even be calibrated beforehand to hold out specific tasks.

“We are getting to utilize in two residences in Karamadai to aid patients in home isolation,” Mr. Niranjan pointed. The machine would be upgraded in the future to move oxygen cylinders to hospitals, he added.

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