Four types of Data Science projects you need in your portfolio


Data Science may be a promptly growing field for the longer term, the sum of competing job aspirants seems to climb up exponentially year over year. So, albeit the demand for qualified data scientists is high, finding employment within the field remains extremely difficult. To get a job, you will need to stand out of the crowd and among many candidates.

What’s important for a data science career? As a knowledge scientist, you would like to possess a robust portfolio that demonstrates your soft skill set also as your technical skills.

The umbrella term “data science” covers many topics, including all subfields of artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer version, and NLP (natural language processing). Despite having an understanding of these topics, it’s critical to proving your abilities to perform the necessary tasks.

To do this, you need to add these four sorts of data science projects to your portfolio:

1. Data cleansing

For a data scientist, 80% of the job task involves data cleansing. You cannot build an efficient, solid model on a disordered data set. Cleansing up data can take up to hours because research to seek out out the aim of every column during a data set focuses on costs. With practice, this task can be completed in a shorter time as a data scientist develops a keen eye for breaking down silos. Therefore, employers are looking for candidates who are skilled experts in cleaning the data.

2. Exploratory Data Analysis

Considering that your data is clean and well classified, you’ll need to perform exploratory data analysis (EDA), one of the important steps in every data science project. This enables a knowledge scientist to maximize knowledge, uncover underlying patterns and structures, extract critical information from them, and spot anomalies. There are multiple ways to do this and majority of it is graphical as it makes it simple to spot patterns and anomalies.

3. Data Visualization

The best thanks to telling a story is to see it. One of the foremost important data science skills is that the visual representation of knowledge. When a data scientist builds any type of project, the goal is to uncover information that will improve the data in some way, and these results need to be shown.

To practice data visualization and impress your peers, many data sets are publicly available. The most preferred choice is Kaggle.

4. Machine learning

Mastering machine learning can decide your chances of getting a knowledge science job. It would be an advantage to have a strong ML foundation and master the basics. This strengthens your skill base and gives you the confidence to learn ultra-modern skills faster. Your portfolio should contain projects that cover all the fundamentals of machine learning like regression (liners, logistics, etc.), classification algorithms, and clustering.

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