Top 5 AI based home appliances to use in 2021

  1. Smart Assistants

Perhaps the most popular use of AI comes in the form of digital smart assistants, such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. These AI-powered personal assistants can take in your voice commands and translate them into actions, such as adding items to your shopping list or calling a friend. There’s no question that voice assistants will continue to grow and become even more capable of assisting us in our daily lives.

2. AI Cleaner

Even though the past nine examples of artificial intelligence are all some sort of service or software, that doesn’t mean that AI doesn’t come in the shape of physical machines as well. And you may have some in your own home. Robot’s Roomba vacuum cleaner uses AI to scan the size of the room it is in, identifies obstacles, and determines the most efficient route to sweep the space.

3. Smart Kitchen Appliance

Smart kitchen appliances and smart speakers are making their way into kitchens all around the world. You may even have one now. Whether it’s a coffee machine or an oven, these tools are evolving, learning your schedules and patterns so that they can provide you with warm food, coffee, etc.

4. Smart Fridge

Your new smart fridge may be able to track when food is low and place orders for you when food is low. Or, better yet, AI could be used to help you create the perfect meal with just the ingredients you have in the refrigerator. Utilizing AI technologies with gastronomical learning, companies like Plant Jammer and Chefling are helping people create delicious food with the ingredients they have on hand.

5. Enhanced Health and Fitness at Home

Being able to monitor patients at home with real-time data remotely, effectively, could be revolutionary. Going far beyond the Apple watch that you have on your wrist right now, healthcare professionals could tap into the predictive powers of AI to determine patients who are potentially at risk for disease or injury. This would give doctors a lot more power but could alleviate some of the pressure placed on the healthcare systems during flu season, saving lives.

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