How to establish a career as a Robot Programmer?



A two-year curriculum in electrical engineering technology, mechanical engineering technology, or other relevant fields is required to become a robotics programmer.

Students may also study computer integration and programming, conveyor systems, and motion control.

Top institutes that offer the program

  • NIELIT Lucknow:

NIELIT Lucknow is a branch of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology of the Government of India. It provides a wide range of short and long-term courses in information technology and electronics. In its 20-year history, NIELIT Lucknow has trained over 20,000 students at its Gomti Nagar, Lucknow Campus.

  • CDAC

The C-DAC, or Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, is located in Pune, Maharashtra. The Government of India created the institute in 1993 as an autonomous institute under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

  • Bangalore’s Manipal ProLearn:

Manipal Global Education Services (MaGE) has a subsidiary called Manipal ProLearn, a prominent professional learning platform. It provides various professional programmes in Technology, Digital Marketing, Data Science, Project Management, and Finance.

Top recruiters for this position:

  • Philips Corporation:

Philips Corporation is one of the top recruiters for this position. Phillips is a worldwide manufacturing solutions provider that began as a machine tool dealer. They have announced a Public-Private Partnership arrangement with the US Department of Defense to educate, inspire, and redefine additive manufacturing capabilities.

  • ABB Group:

There are four divisions under the ABB Group- Power Products, Power Systems, Discrete Robotics and Motion, Low Voltage Products, and Process Automation. The ABB Group’s performance is heavily reliant on technology.

  • IBM 

IBM is a prominent provider of cloud platforms and cognitive technologies. Since 1911, they are constantly reinventing themselves, and they are now the world’s greatest technology and consulting company, with over 350,000 workers servicing customers in 170 countries.

  • Omron Adept Technology Inc.:

Omron Adept Technology Inc. is a global technology company based in Pleasanton, California. Automation and automation systems are the firm’s focus, along with software and visual assistance. As part of its worldwide footprint, Adept has offices in the United States, Germany, Paris, France, and Singapore.

  • Apex Automation and Robotics:

Apex Automation and Robotics is an Australian company. It designs and manufactures custom automation machines and robotic systems. 

Average annual salary (in US dollars): $289.91 – $14,495.50

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Assist engineers with robot design and development.
  • Create robotic gadgets or systems.
  • Carry out maintenance, either corrective or preventative.
  • Components must be dismantled, repaired, and reassembled.
  • Conduct tests and keep a record of the results.
  • Install, program, and repair controllers, tools, and so forth.
  • Examine installation sites and provide robotics training to operators.
  • Development of computer software and path programming.

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