Robots Replace Humans in E-Commerce Logistics to Meet the Demand


The Delhi hub of DTDC courier firm has 25-arm monstrous equipment that sorts packages at 3,600 items per hour or one package per second. The robotic sorter that works at lighting speed is one of the major highlights of the eight automobile hubs of the courier firm DTDC, and it will be set up in the country for a budget of Rs 50 crore in the next year and a half. This information for revealed by the Executive Director of DTDC, Abhishek Chakraborty.

The DTDC’s initiative is an instance of how machines are increasingly replacing human workforce at logistics operations as they keep up with the fast growing demand and e-commerce industry.

The e-commerce firms require third party support to delivery al the products that they sell on their portals. In the current competitive market segment, it is a necessity for the firms to ensure their packaging quality and the time taken for the delivery process. These two aspects play a major role in the customers’ stickiness to the firm. Firms such as DTDC, Gojavas and Flipkart are investing several crores to modernize their logistics.

Regarding this, Sanjeev Mehta, Vice President and Head of Product and Design for eKart, a dedicated logistics partner of Flipkart claimed that by making use of automation and robotics properly, the firm is expecting to reduce the time by replacing the manually intensive tasks. They are also aiming to respond quickly to the latest and emerging demands.

The firm is making use of automation in some centers to pick and move the packages and the same technique will be extending to the other facilities as well. It will use new methodologies such as profilers and sorters to handle the packages according to the specific orders in a better way.

Mehta did not provide details on the investment that is made or the total number of systems that Flipkart will be setting up. Also, AmazonIndiais planning to set up its first automated sorting system at one facility, claimed a person familiar with the development. On the whole Amazon has eleven facilities and it is not known when these facilities will receive the automated system for sorting packages.









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