Royal Challengers Bangalore launches E-gaming application


As part of a long-term growth plan for the site, Royal Challengers Bangalore has launched E-gaming on its mobile application. By 2022, India is projected to have 500 million gamers, and the most common way to play games is via smartphone. As part of recreational activities, the ever-improving gaming technology and the increase of esports have contributed to the population indulging in e-gaming.

RCB plans to work closely with gaming companies and aggregators with a robust infrastructure that is already in place to incorporate casual games into the RCB App and deliver a plethora of features to fans across the year and not only throughout the IPL.

The brand ethos of RCB is consistent with sports and lifestyle, and the team has brought yet another great way to connect with the fans through this mobile application. RCB has created a digital community where, not only during the IPL but throughout the year, fans can consume content, communicate with each other and with the RCB players. Playing, along with exclusive material, will be one of the main focus areas for engaging fans in the future. The collaboration with Gamezop, the largest multi-gaming platform in India, offers over 250 casual games via this upgrade in various categories such as sports, arcade, puzzle, and strategy, which cater to cricket fans who want to get more on the app. Also, make this site an outlet for the team to provide a business asset.

Rajesh Menon, Head of Royal Challengers Bangalore, said RCB is constantly working to build assets that have established its ethos in line with Sports and Lifestyle, mounting on a business plan to advance the brand. The fans who form the real force behind the franchise have ensured every season that the experiences we deliver are designed to bring fans closer to the RCB team and help them share the passion for cricket and bold play. They work ardently to keep the fans involved and excited on and off-field, and it will always be our highest priority. We are delighted to partner with Gamezop for this project and will work closely throughout the year in this endeavour to offer fans an immersive gaming experience.


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