Samantha Akkineni joins hand with Oziva


Oziva, has roped in South Cinema star Samantha Prabhu Akkineni to represent the plant-based nutrition brand, based in South India. Akkineni will speed up the positioning of the brand in India’s clean-label market. In two recent promotional films about health and beauty, the actress can be seen.

The actress is seen exercising in the fitness film and speaking about the value of fitness. She then stresses the advantages of Oziva and how she fully trusts it for its efficacy. In the movie, she also talks about the composition of the substance.

At Oziva, they are committed to supporting every single person who wants to be a better version of themselves, and they strongly believe that everyone has more. As you step along on your #aBetterYou journey, with High-Quality Clean Nutrition-the one your body truly deserves-we want to ensure that you achieve the best fitness, physically & mentally. Staying away from preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colors, allergens, the business provides the world’s most authentic products from farms to ensure that you get Safe Foods to live an active life.

In the beauty film, the actress talks about the significance of skin and hair nutrition internally. After using Oziva, she highlights the younger-looking skin and even-toned skin and talks about its composition.

Living a clean and holistic way of life is something I do on a daily basis. I have seen this transition lead to having a positive effect on my overall health and well-being. And I’m very excited to work with Oziva, who develops safe, plant-based solutions for people like me, Samantha said.

Aarti Gill, Oziva’s co-founder, said, “We believe in collaborating with people who share our values and have a holistic wellness approach.” Samantha is a symbol of fitness and genuinely follows a clean and natural lifestyle focused on plants. And this is a strategic alliance for us and far more than just a mere endorsement. We are incredibly pleased to have her on board to inspire millions of people to live healthier and happier on this journey.


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