Geojit launches global investment platform


Geojit Financial Services, a dominant investment service company in India, has announced the launch of its global investment platform. The main aim behind this new launch is to help its customers to invest in the US markets and diverse global assets through a single account from anywhere in the world.

The global investment platform of Geojit currently provides investment options in the US stock market and soon they will include other major global markets such as the UK, Japan, Hong Kong, Germany, and Singapore to the platform.

The company had joined hands with a New York-based global wealth management services platform named Stockal. This combination paves the way to develop the AI-powered global investment platform which helps investors to modify their portfolio by investing in international equities. The exhaustive tech-enabled digital experience will assist more than 10 lakh Geojit customers and also Indian retail investors, high-net-worth investors, ex-NRIs, and emigrant IT professionals who wish to invest in the global assets.

Geojit’s global investment services provide moderate price offerings with no minimum amount of balance and low commissions. They offer BPS-based pricing for high AUM wealth investors and traders. Therefore, buying or selling shares of popular US stocks like Google, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, etc. becomes extremely convenient and favorable on the Geojit global investment platform. They also offer services in over 4000 stocks & Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

Moreover, Geojit extends facilities like digital onboarding with e-KYC, proprietary tools, and algorithms to its clients. It helps to process 8.5 million data points which in turn assist the investors to make informed decisions, plug-and-play advisory services, and aspirational buyouts via fractional stocks. Therefore, investors can create diversified portfolios even with small amounts of capital.

While commenting on the launch of the global investment platform, Satish Menon, Executive Director of Geojit Financial Services said that they had decided to offer an extensive range of trading, investment products, and solutions that are effective, futuristic, and advanced. Currently, the investors are showing the utmost desire to spread risk and stretch equity investment horizons across geographies. The AI-enabled and insights-driven global investment platform of the company will assist the customers to explore investment opportunities in well-regulated markets and to develop a risk-adjusted global investment portfolio.

The newly launched platform paves way for personalized investing ideas and insights, automated portfolio monitoring, and easy execution of trades. The portal has tied up with 3 banks in India to accelerate online fund remittance through the Liberalized Remittance Scheme (LRS).


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