Rule-based Chatbots out; AI-based In


Unlike rule-based chatbots, AI-based chatbots deliver an intelligent, humanlike experience that the majority of people expect.

Chatbots mainly rely on NLP and respond to the human by whom they are communicating, making it smarter with moment and use.

AI-Based Chatbots operate individually by leveraging the power of NLP and ML. NLP rules with language context to understand what exactly is being said, identify verbal cues, and understand the users better.

AI algorithms are applied to the customer’s question and deliver the best-fitting response to them. Live chat lets various businesses communicate with customers via messaging. This chat widget placed on the website enables the users to reach out to your agents leading to quick and effective query resolution.

Messaging platforms also offer this live chat support. It engages with customers; nurtures lead and collects customer data by interacting with customers on their preferred messaging channels. 

Voice bot related to Chatbots but different based on interaction. Chatbot uses both SMS and web-based messengers, while voice bot is a voice-based mode that converts audio to text and allows the customers to achieve tasks.  Siri, OK Google, and Eugenie are voice bots.

Basic functions; reduce Operational Costs, improve Human-like Conversations in Multiple Languages, improve customer acquisition, Faster responses,24/7 customer supports.

To increase revenue per user, Chatbots can perform the supporting tasks freeing up agents’ time, to do what they do best sell products and services. It easily scales up and down depending on the customer’s demand.

AI-enabled Chatbots facilitate real-time agent chat experience, enabling agents to connect with customers across websites, mobile applications, social media platforms, and business messaging platforms. 

Let customers contact you using their preferred messaging platforms enabling a true omnichannel customer experience. Customers can chat through any digital touchpoint Web, WhatsApp, Messenger, and many more. You can create chatbots for a specific region or the whole world. Chatbots makes application easier.

Like a traveling guide, it paves the path in every step. Unavoidable techniques raised recently.

Designed to convincingly simulate the way a human would behave as a conversational partner, chatbot systems typically require continuous tuning and testing, and many in production remain unable to adequately converse, while none of them can pass the standard Turing test.

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