Best Chatbot Companies of the Year


AI is the future of the world. Customer service plays a prominent role in the growth of a company. In order to enhance their customer service almost, every company uses chatbots to reduce labor costs and increase customer satisfaction. Listed below are the best chatbots of the year 2021.

Floatbot: Floatbot is a SaaS-based Conversational AI platform that automates customer service. It can also increase customer experience and digital onboarding through chatbots and voice bots. It also supports text to speech and speech to text (which is only for chatbots).

Pandora Bot: The Pandora bot is one of the oldest and largest chatbot services in the entire world. It can create AI virtual agents to do human-like texts or even voice chats with customers. It is said to be one of the best chatbots to use in 2021.

Watson Assistant: Watson Assistant is a service in the IBM cloud in which you can build and deploy virtual assistants. It can provide fast and accurate answers to their questions. It costs a bit but it’s worth it.

Morph. AI: It is actually a platform built on WhatsApp Business API. It was actually launched in march of 2016. It enables to have conversations with customers using chatbots, CRM tools, and many others.

Chatfuel: Chatfuel is one of the leading chatbots for messenger. It is really useful for businesses and agencies because they can create chatbots without any coding requirements. They will boost sales, automate support and even personalize marketing

Aivo: It has been around since 2012 and since it became one of the most popular choices for companies as a chatbot. It solves the two main problems companies face today customer service and sales growth.

Mobile Monkey: It is actually a Facebook marketing bot that helps marketers to create chatbots so that they can interact with their customers and hook the customer with the right type of thing they want. Mobile money is a very powerful and useful tool and it is also 100% free.

Many chats: Many chats is basically a marketing bot. It creates Facebook messenger bots to market a brand. It even has a drag and drops bot building tool which makes it easy and relaxing to create a bot.

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