‘Saans Lene Do’ – Addresses pollution in Delhi


As Northern a part of India, together with the metropolis Region urges for clean air, News18 India, the leading national Hindi news channel, after ‘Mission Pani’, launches a unique campaign ‘Saans Lene Do’ on the declining air quality.

With this campaign, News18 aims to draw attention to the nightmarish pollution situation in Northern India, especially within the urban center Region, News18 India has launched the ‘Saans Lene Do’ campaign.

Delhi’s air quality index (AQI) is within the ‘very poor’ category. the rise in pollution levels is basically attributed to 2 major sources – the bursting of crackers on Diwali, and stubble burning.

The smoke from the burning of crackers combined with the incoming pollution from stubble burning in neighboring states has created a blanket of smog everywhere within the city.

News18 India has always been at the spearhead, highlighting the important issues that echo the voice of the society and fascinating all the relevant stakeholders to come back together and figure out a solution.

News18 has always taken care to travel for the concerns of the people of the state and to face for his or her needs.

Ongoing with its approach, the channel’s campaign won’t only target bringing out the situations under question but also discover possible solutions through meaningful discussions including the laymen.

The channel will bring stories from the very basic level to the highest alarming pollution levels and also evaluate the impact of the steps taken to date.

News18 India will provide a dependable national platform to any or all stakeholders for wide-ranging discussions on how stubble burning, together with other air pollutants, is unsafe to the environment and human health.

Through the campaign, the channel also will explore solutions to encourage farmers to adopt alternative practices to urge eliminate crop residue.

Adding to the campaign, the channel also will bring questions arising from across the region specializing in this status of pollution in Northern India and plenty of other metropolitan cities.

Looking forward to, that these pleas expressed by the state, shall reach the ears of these respected authorities and that they will bring some strict solutions to the arising dilemma which are a sustainable measure.

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