Zee News is the most coveted & trusted Hindi news channel: TRA’s Report


Zee News is the oldest news brand in India with the foremost experienced news staff. It has proven its caliber within the Hindi news channel category by capturing the foremost Trusted Hindi News Brand 2020. This is often yet another feather in the hat of Zee News.

The Brand Trust Report, India Study 2020 was conducted by TRA. This research figures out Brand Intelligence and data observation. Supported by the reviews of the consumers TRA announced Zee News because it is the most well-liked Hindi News Channel, 2020. The Brand Trust Report, India Study by TRA is one of the foremost genuine research and surveys.

Over the years, TRA has launched into developing the proper method to evaluate brand trust and supported the credit of trust, positive intent, and relevant competence. It’s awarded Zee News because it is the most trusted Hindi News Channel.

On this achievement, Mr. Sudhir Chaudhary CEO & Editor-in-Chief of Zee News said, “This award is a result of honest efforts of the whole team of Zee News. Reporting became especially tougher in the unbearable pandemic times. The audience expected a more realistic analysis of the scenario. It has always taken a quantum jump to provide a more realistic and authentic ground report on every occasion. At this problematic time, it appeared as a winner and showed the importance of unbiased and neutral news reporting.”

“India has always trusted Zee News when it involves the largest stories. It believes that the audience should learn the news and be able to understand the concept and make the proper decision supported their analysis. Being one of the important pillars of the state, the media is expected to be thorough, demanding, and neutral; the A-1 Trusted Hindi News Brand 2020 shows that Zee News has lived up to the expectations of the audience and exhibited true professionalism in its news reporting and analysis.”

DNA, one altogether the favored news shows, isn’t only popular because it covers the key details of reports, but its in-depth analysis ropes every listener and viewer to ruminate the discussion. Zee News is one of the 14 channels that represent the umbrella of Zee Media.

The most important award for Zee News is the love of its observers and their unending support, and with Most Trusted Hindi News Brand 2020 award in its list of distinction, it bonds its position even stronger.

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