Sales of LCD TV goes down by 50%, flat panel TV grows more than 20%


Dec 12, 2012: A drastic dip in sales has been witnessed in the sales of LCD TV in the recent past but ironically the flat panel TV market has grown by more than 20%. LCD TV’s have contributed only 20% to the total sales of flat panel TV this year and it has seen a drastic fall in sales of more than 50%. Interestingly customers are opting for LED TV’s instead of LCD televisions as LED TV’s are sleeker and consumes less than 50% of the power consumed by LCD televisions. The other reason for the drop in sales of LCD TV is the price difference it has with LED TV’s. Difference between LCD TV and LED TV is hardly 15-20%, so customers prefer LED TVs more than LCD TVs.

The television manufacturers like Sony, Samsung, LG etc. are bringing down the production of LCD TVs and the experts predict that by the end of 2013, the LCD TV category will itself be nonexistent.



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