Samsung to launch Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet to take on Apple’s iPad Mini


Feb 24, 2013: Samsung which has got Galaxy Note II with 5.5 inch screen and Galaxy Note 10.1 a full size tablet is looking to fill the gap in between these two sizes and is going to launch Galaxy Note 8.0. With the launch of Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet, Samsung is set to take on
Apple’s iPad Mini which has got a 7.9 inch screen. The highlight of this Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet is that it will come with a stylus pen.

The stylus pen has been the highlight of Samsung Galaxy Note series as it allows the users to write, draw and highlight. Interestingly Apple does not have a single device which uses a stylus as it always believe in optimizing interfaces. Samsung has also added third party applications to optimise the use of stylus pens. Samsung has successfully worked on the stylus pen application and has been using the technology in Samsung Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Note 10.

Samsung which made the announcement of launching Galaxy Note 8.0 ahead of the Mobile World Congress will start selling the tablet post April 2013. The price of the tablet has not been revealed and experts believe that it will be very competitively prices so as to take on Apple iPad mini head on.



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