Sattvik Certifications Bestows Prestigious Jain Certification upon Taj Gandhinagar Resort & Spa

Sattvik Certifications Bestows Prestigious Jain Certification upon Taj Gandhinagar Resort & Spa
Sattvik Certifications Bestows Prestigious Jain Certification upon Taj Gandhinagar Resort & Spa

New Delhi, 6th December 2023 : In a landmark achievement, Sattvik Certifications, the leading certifying authority for vegetarian and Jain dietary compliance, is pleased to announce the awarding of the esteemed Jain Certification to Taj Gandhinagar Resort & Spa, recognizing the hotel’s commitment to providing Jain-friendly culinary offerings.

This accreditation is proof of Taj Gandhinagar Resort & Spa commitment to maintaining the greatest purity standards and following Jain dietary guidelines. In order to assure strict adherence to Jain dietary requirements, the process includes a thorough inspection of the hotel’s cooking facilities, ingredients, and culinary practices.

Jain food refers to the gastronomic customs and dietary choices of followers of Jainism, which are influenced by deep-seated religious beliefs. These precepts have a significant influence on Jain dietary choices, encouraging a dedication to a vegetarian or vegan way of life with the goal of minimising harm to living things. The diet of a Jain consists of eschewing root vegetables and all animal products, including meat, fish, and eggs. Jain food is also distinguished by its emphasis on using natural, fresh ingredients with less preparation. The cooking method emphasises balance, simplicity, and purity in food selections, which is in line with Sattvic beliefs.

“We are delighted to recognize Taj Gandhinagar Resort & Spa with the Sattvik Jain Certification. This accolade underscores the hotel’s commitment to meeting the unique dietary preferences of Jain patrons,” said Abhishek Biswas, the Founder of Sattvik Certifications and Secretary General Sattvik Council of India.

With the implementation of steps to prevent cross-contamination and guarantee the authenticity of Jain foods served on their grounds, Taj Gandhinagar Resort & Spa has shown an excellent awareness of the nuances of Jain cuisine. The accreditation is evidence of Taj Gandhinagar Resort & Spa commitment to offering diners who adhere to Jain dietary practises a varied and welcoming dining experience.

“We are honored to receive the Sattvik Jain Certification, a validation of our continuous efforts to cater to the diverse culinary needs of our guests. This recognition reflects our commitment to excellence and guest satisfaction,” said Taronish K. Karkaria, General Manager at Taj Gandhinagar Resort & Spa.

“Sattvik Jain food certification is not just a recognition but a profound commitment to inclusivity and respect for diverse dietary preferences. Crafting meals that adhere to Jain principles is both an art and a responsibility, ensuring that everyone can savor the flavours while staying true to their beliefs. It’s a culinary journey that celebrates cultural diversity and culinary innovation, making the dining experience a joy for all” said Nisikant Panigrahi, Executive Chef at Taj Gandhinagar Resort & Spa

In addition to being a mark of culinary brilliance, the Sattvik Jain Certification is a big step in the direction of encouraging diversity and inclusivity in the hospitality sector. Taj Gandhinagar Resort & Spa has joined a small group of businesses that have fulfilled Sattvik Certifications’ exacting standards for providing genuine and Jain-friendly eating experiences.