Saving shark- Campaign by Tata Chemicals


Tata Chemicals and the people of the regional area around Mithapur get together to commend the presence of the gentle giant on International Whale Shark Day.

In its persevering efforts to save this threatened species, Tata Chemicals effectively facilitated an event “Save the Whale Shark campaign” that included different activities and commitments with nearby fishermen, students, heads of the villages, and the local area. The stakeholders showed dynamic involvement in bringing issues to light with regards to Whale Sharks and the meaning of their life in our environment.

“At Tata Chemicals, the celebration of the “Global Whale-Shark Day” is an update about the protection of biodiversity and its importance, which is critical to our survival and accomplishing long-term viable goals.

“Saving of the Whale Shark is one of our noticeable biodiversity preservations drives which have borne organic product throughout the long term and, we offer our thanks to our partners whose commitment has significantly put forth this attempt a triumph.

“We, at Tata Chemicals, will stay focused on supporting the flora, fauna, and the wildlife species, and will emphasize our organization’s ethos by saving nature and its uncommon mammals in years to come,” said Alka Talwar – Chief Sustainability and CSR, Tata Chemicals.

This year, for the first time, Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD) under its C–SCAPES drive coordinated a stand-out authentication crash course on Whale Shark which was very generally welcomed.

Additionally, a board discussion was coordinated that seen experts see on the subject of biodiversity protection from Mr. Farukhkha Bloch, Asst. Director and (OiC) Sociologist, WTI, Mr. Satish Trivedi, Dep. Director (Retd.), Tata Chemicals, and Mr. Dhavalkumar, Program Officer, TCSRD (C-SCAPES).

Numerous activities connecting with the community were led like drawing competitions for students, seashore cleaning and sand art establishment, ‘Whale Shark on Wheels’ convention, and awareness campaigns among the nearby fishermen. Among others, webinars in local languages were facilitated to connect with a bigger crowd.

This broad mission program got a staggering reaction from regional communities offline and online. The end function was graced by Senthel Kumar from Marine National Park, N Kamath VP, Tata Chemicals, and Satish Trivedi Dep. Administrator (Retd.), Tata Chemicals. Fishermen who have a large part of a contribution to this protection campaign were congratulated at the occasion. 

The company also collaborated with the Wildlife Trust of India, the Gujarat Forest Department to launch the ‘Saving of the Whale Shark’ campaign. By then, it was basic to change fishermen’s insight about the survival of this species and bring issues to light for the restriction on killing to be successful.

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