Savlon brings ‘Mask Hai Mazaak Nahin’ campaign


The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed human life as we all know. As the incidence of infections in some hard-hit areas continues to slow, early signs of recovery are growing. Many towns, cities, and states are steadily beginning to reopen companies, public spaces, and more. There will continue to be a chance of infection until a reliable vaccine is available.

Masks will only work if you wear them properly and take good care of them. If we all do our part as the new standard of our current normal through social distancing, hand washing, and proper usage of masks, we all can prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

A mask is no longer a tool for defending us from the transmission of the coronavirus. It’s not just our civic responsibility to wear one if we go out but it’s also a symbol of our cautious side and we’re also thinking about the welfare of others. Unfortunately, some people do not yet recognize the importance of wearing a face mask. They take it lightly and, as a result, place people at risk in their vicinity.

In its recent ‘Mask Hai Mazaak Nahin’ campaign, ITC Savlon has agreed to take on those so-called ‘mask criminals.’ There are two commercials in the program, conceptualized by Ogilvy, where an individual tries to deliver the message in a relatable situation. 

The first ad takes place inside an elevator where a young man is concerned about two people who don’t wear their masks properly. And in the second ad, the situation is in front of a vegetable cart and a lady refuses to buy vegetables from that seller because he has lowered his mask. The two protagonists in these ads make sure to correct the ‘mask offenders’ in both these commercials with their facial expressions, and actions.  

At the end of August, we saw a government ad directed by R. Balki ad starring Bollywood star Akshay Kumar. Named Thookichand, where the actor playing a common man, shames another man for bringing his mask down and spitting in public.

Nasar Husami, creative group director at Ogilvy said, with the latest campaign by Savlon Swasth India, ‘Mask Hai Mazaak Nahin,’ we have tried to educate people about the importance of wearing mask properly in a fun way and hope it will create a positive shift in the people’s behavior.


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