SBI General Insurance showcases Father & Son bond in their new digital campaign #JoBhiHoHumDekhLenge


Mumbai, 26th September 2023: SBI General Insurance, one of India’s leading general insurance companies has announced the launch of #JoBhiHoHumDekhLenge campaign, aimed at spreading awareness around Health Insurance and its benefits. The campaign entails a series of three engaging digital films highlighting the bond shared between a father and son duo. The films shine a spotlight on the features of the newly launched health insurance product ‘Super Health Insurance’.

The videos under this campaign titled #JoBhiHoHumDekhLenge, provide valuable insights into how Super Health Insurance adeptly addresses customer concerns while simultaneously exploring the evolving dynamics within father-son relationships. The father-son relationship is a deep and an evolving connection that spans emotions, roles, and experiences. It starts with guidance and protection, evolves through moments of closeness and challenges, and involves passing down values and life lessons. Ultimately, it’s a bond rooted in love, respect, and a lifelong quest for connection and support.  The films vividly depict the shifting roles within this relationship, initially with the father as the protector, gradually transitioning to the son as they both age.

Furthermore, they underscore the profound significance of comprehensive insurance by simplifying key benefits of the product – all highlighted through a friendly banter between the father-son duo highlighting “Jo Bhi Ho Hum Dekh Lenge”.

Mr. Rathin Lahiri, Head Marketing and CSR, SBI General Insurance said, “Given the rising hospitalization and medical costs health insurance is an absolute necessity today to deal with medical emergencies for us and our families. With this campaign #JoBhiHoHumDekhLenge, we aim to connect deeper with our customers. The central theme of the campaign is to convey ‘bharosa’, a value that SBI General Insurance brand personifies. We want consumers to choose their insurance coverage carefully so that they remain protected, and live worry-free.”

The campaign is amplified on all social media handles of the Company.

YouTube links of the digital film:

SBI General’s Super Health Insurance Policy – YouTube

SBI General’s Super Health Insurance Policy – YouTube

SBI General’s Super Health Insurance Policy – YouTube