SBI’s Focused Equity Mutual Fund: A great buy


With information technology, the spread of information has become much faster and more convenient. Details regarding anything to everything can be found with ease. The same goes for how we can get intel on making the right investment decisions.

Advice can come from certified authorities, professionals, and even a simple review by a person who’s already experienced having owned it. People have both short-term and long-term goals. But most often, people invest in the short-term. It’s always best to have an asset allocation that covers both short-term and long. One such way is to invest in mutual funds like the SBI Focused Equity Fund. It is a concentrated collection of equity and equity-related securities that achieved long-term goals and also helps unlock long-term capital appreciation. More often than not, the wealthiest people earned most of their riches from long term investments.

A few of the reasons why this fund makes sense for wealth creation:

Focused attention benefits

These funds focus on long-term capital appreciation, they are concentrated in 30 high conviction stocks, paying very close attention to these companies and their potential in the future. SBI Focused Equity Fund invests across a range of small, mid, and large companies, whenever some potential is detected. This approach greatly helps in building investor’s confidence, this also creates a corpus for retirement, a child’s marriage, building a house, etc. People in the age group of the 30s and 40s can consider investing in this mutual fund.


The SBI Focused Equity Fund since its inception has shown a CAGR of 19.65% and 11.07% return over 5 years. That’s not all, the Scheme Benchmark- S&P BSE 500 (TRI) and Additional Benchmark- S&P BSE (TRI) gave a CAGR of 14.78% and 15.40%.

A monthly SIP with a minimum of Rs 500 is all you need to invest in this fund and start your journey on a growth trajectory. You can invest through offline and online channels, or even download invesTAP.

Stay ahead of the curve

If you end up making investments in the wrong places, it can derail you from reaching your financial goals. Hence, you must try to find professional help on time and get back on the growth trajectory.


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