‘Sehat Hai To Watan Hai’ campaign by Hamdard Laboratories


The past two years have been a roller-coaster ride. These two years were the years of self-reflection and self-analysis. One good thing which definitely happened to almost all of us was that we started taking our health seriously.

The Corona Virus outbreak taught us how important physical and mental wellbeing is. A lot of families lost their loved ones to the virus, there was a shortage of hospital beds, oxygen cylinders, etc. it was total havoc. Yet there’s always something to learn even from the worst of experiences. It was also motivating to see how a large number of people came forward, risking their lives to try to help others by either launching campaigns on social media or by helping out with oxygen cylinders or hospital beds. One such campaign is also launched by the Indian medical company, Hamdard Laboratories.

Hamdard Laboratories has launched a digital campaign – #SehatHaiToWatanHai. The prime focus of the campaign is to spread awareness about the importance of health and wellness and Hamdard’s commitment to holistic wellbeing. The company urges people via this campaign to focus on their fitness, have realistic fitness goals, and also inculcate natural food in their diets. To consume products that are effective for maintaining a strong immune system which is apparently very much required in today’s lifestyle. The laboratories are also offering special offers on health checkups, medical offline and online consultations in their wellness centers for the duration of this campaign. Patients recovering from Covid will also be assisted at Hamdard’s wellness centers under this campaign. Hamdard labs have trusted products and services that are side-effect-free. The company also has various natural immunity boosters such as Khulzum, Joshina, Joshanda, Imyoton, Influza, and Chyawanprash. These natural immunity boosters are full of antioxidants that help in fighting various microbial infections like flu/cold/cough etc. Hamdard products are available of Amazon, Healthmug, and 1mg.

With the aim to – REJUVENATE, RESTORE and REVITALISE the lost energy Hamdard is bringing back the pre-covid healthy Indian bodies and also urging people to continue such healthy eating practices in the future too. #SehatHaiToWatanHai is a call to the nation to work towards building a strong immune system without taking medicines or other chemicals.

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