Select your exterior wall paint wisely


Painting your home not only improves the interior but also improves its curb appeal. Applying a fresh coat that will yield the required results is the simplest way to build charm. Paint preserves the interior or exterior surface by coating this with a protective coating.

Here are a few things to think about while selecting outdoor wall paints.

Safe Environment

 While choosing the paint for the walls, the one with low VOC content should be considered. Compounds with a high vapour pressure but low water solubility are known as volatile organic compounds. This hazardous component is harmful to both humans as well as environment.

Better choose paints with antibacterial and anti-fungal features so that bacteria and fungus also can be prevented. Choose paint with odourless features, such as formaldehyde reduction capabilities, to keep the environment free of pollutants. Look for the Green Pro Certified mark on products to help contribute to a more sustainable future.


The paint’s longevity determines how well your painting will survive the elements such as UV radiation, wind, rain, and dust. To give it extra robustness, choose paints that are reinforced with microfibers. Paint with silica particles are especially effective at disguising faults and roughness on the walls.

Quality of Paint

 The paint will last longer if the warranty period is longer. You can even choose emulsions with a 10-year warranty from Berger exterior paints. Choose alternatives with anti-fungal and anti-algal characteristics, as well as those with the best dirt and water-resistant properties in the industry.


 Polyurethane-based paints provide a superior finish and can last up to ten years. Cool colours like blue, green, and light violet can aid to maintain a cool interior temperature. Berger, for example, offers a wide spectrum of colours.

Proofing Solutions

Damp walls begin to crumble and create breeding grounds for germs if they are not properly proofed. Exterior wall paints using polyurethane (PU) and Silicon Technology have outstanding water-resistant properties and can withstand heavy rain.

To survive the test of time, exterior wall paints must be able to withstand all types of weather. Use Stay Clean paints, which are designed to survive even the most extreme weather conditions.

Dust Resistance

We wear masks to protect ourselves, and dust-resistant exterior paints should do the same for our walls. Use paints with Dust Guard technology to prevent dust from accumulating on the walls. Paints must have special anti-dust qualities. It’s also better to use paints that have a special polymer composition for removing dust.

Paint Finish

Exterior wall paints come in a variety of sheens, mattes, and smooth finishes, all of which can enhance the appearance of your property. Matte paints are more resistant to cracking and other types of wall damage. The finish can be chosen based on the gloss levels specified in the product specifications. Higher-gloss paints have a thicker film, are more durable, and are less likely to absorb water.

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