SEQRITE Unveils Unified Protection Solution for Enterprises, HawkkHunt XDR 2.0

SEQRITE Unveils Unified Protection Solution for Enterprises, HawkkHunt XDR 2.0

23rd January 2023, Pune: SEQRITE, a leading global enterprise cybersecurity solutions provider, today, unveiled the advanced version of HawkkHunt XDR (Extended Detection and Response). The latest threat detection and incident response tool incorporates data from multiple security products into a unified security operations system to deliver holistic protection against sophisticated cyberattacks.

SEQRITE HawkkHunt XDR 2.0 uses analytics and automation to centralize, normalize, and correlate data from various sources, thus enabling real-time cross-control-point protection while simplifying and strengthening the security processes. The cybersecurity solution also blocks cyber threats by detecting malicious encryption processes and shuts them down before they disrupt any network. It also features multi-layer direction analytics for alert correlation and noise reduction.

Commenting on the launch, Dr. Sanjay Katkar, Joint Managing Director & Chief Technology Officer at Quick Heal, said, “Quick threat detection and incident response are the key markers of robust cybersecurity. At SEQRITE, we proactively innovate and introduce future-ready solutions for enterprises. With Hawkkhunt XDR 2.0, we have adopted a modern approach to data security. The new version creates a zero trust ecosystem delivering holistic protection enterprise-wide. I am certain that with our latest iteration of HawkkHunt XDR, our customers will be able to strengthen their security infrastructure further.”

The latest version of HawkkHunt XDR is packaged with several advanced features, such as SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) Automation, Threat Hunting Workbench, IOC Search and Kill on 180 days of historical data, amongst others. Its ML/AI-powered, 24/7 Awake Vigilance and Behaviour Anomaly Detection bring multilevel protection, while the Automated Incident Correlation and Enrichment, Incident Management, SLA Management and detailed SOC Dashboards, Playbook-based Automation, Shared Threat Intelligence tackle zero-day and advanced persistent threats.  

HawkkHunt XDR 2.0 also comes with support from the SEQRITE MDR team for Response Assistance and SOC Resource Augmentation, which makes it a holistic cybersecurity solution for enterprises. To provide customers with a special preview of the advanced features of HawkkHunt 2.0, SEQRITE is conducting special demo sessions, which can be booked by logging on to