Which digital marketing trends will continue to push brands for the advertising spend in 2023?

Digital Marketing trends
Which digital marketing trends will continue to push brands for the advertising spend in 2023?

Digital marketing trends change like the seasons every year, but it can be easy to fall for repetitiveness and similarity when actioning your business’ marketing strategies. This is dangerous; it can lead to your customers becoming disengaged as you struggle to compete in an already saturated market of organic social media marketing, paid advertising, and pay-per-click campaigns. More and more brands are getting online hence you need to create differentiation factor in your digital marketing strategies. You would want to balance your content and engagement with pull and not just hard sell with push marketing. Stay on top of digital marketing trends as a form of investment in your own marketing strategy. Customer decision on buying a product and availing a particular service is based on the experience you provide at every marketing touch points be it your website, social media, chatbots, etc. 

So, what is changing for you in Digital marketing and what will continue, let’s have a quick rundown.

  • Influencer Marketing with continue to boom picking up further steam and will remain a hot favourite for marketers/brands even in 2023
  • Content Wave will follow of Short-form Videos / Reels / Vertical Video for engagement
  • Social Media and E-commerce marketing go hand in hand and will be used extensively for promoting product, offers and sales. Social Media is not any more about posting, brands are listening to consumers on different platforms what they are talking about and accordingly evolving their marketing strategies 
  • Going ahead Metaverse & NFTs will get more inclusive in digital marketing strategies of brands to build engagement and drive conversations with consumers. 
  • Cookie-less marketing and working with first party data through practise like form building. Also recommended real time messaging platforms such as WhatsApp and Telegram for data collection
  • Brands and creators will get more creative with Graphics AI designing tools. Content creators will continue using AI content writing tools and machine translation for multilingual content marketing. 
  • Email marketing for product launches and small businesses will become more influential. 
  • Chatbots will be found on more websites and used by more and more brands who have earlier had shy away from automation for information sharing, engagement, user experience, and sales conversation, and customer satisfaction
  • Customers will demand more gratification when shopping with brands on Ecommerce Portals and Social Media. 
  • OTT platforms will further give brands marketing opportunities. In recently concluded ICC and FIFA World cup we saw tremendous advertising push on few OTT platforms. More and more OTT platforms will come forward for live streaming of global events to take marketing advantage with ever rising.  

According to a Goldman Sachs report, by 2025, the future scope of Digital Marketing in the Indian Internet business will be worth US$160 billion, more than three times its current market value. As a result, we have a better understanding of the scope of Digital Marketing in India and its growing appeal as a profession. 

Authored by
Smita Thorat
Founder Director & CEO – Brandniti
Advertising & Marketing Agency