Sharekhan Unveils a hard hitting truth campaign #TohMarketMeinMatAa to Educate and Empower new entrants

Sharekhan Unveils a hard hitting truth campaign #TohMarketMeinMatAa to Educate and Empower new entrants
Sharekhan Unveils a hard hitting truth campaign #TohMarketMeinMatAa to Educate and Empower new entrants

Highlighting the casual approaches that won’t work, Sharekhan’s initiative draws attention to the required Serious Approach to help more people succeed.

Mumbai, November 29, 2023: In a honest move within the digital brokerage landscape, Sharekhan, one of India’s most trusted full-service online brokerage houses, unveils its bold & truthful brand campaign #TohMarketMeinMatAa. Created by Fatmen Ideas and brought to life by ZigZag Films, this campaign urges retail investors, especially new entrants, to ditch the casual approaches to trading & investing for a more informed, & disciplined serious approach in the stock market.

At the core of this initiative is a powerful fact derived from a SEBI report (Analysis of Profit and Loss of Individual Traders dealing in Equity F&O Segment – January 2023), revealing that 9 out of 10 traders in the Equity Futures&Options segment suffered substantial losses averaging 1.1 lakh per person in FY 2022. Concerned about this statistic from the SEBI report Sharekhan’s conducted a pan-India research and understood that one of the key contributors to these losses is a casual approach to trading & investing coupled with limited knowledge. The campaign, therefore, emphasizes the necessity of a ‘serious approach’ which entails serious research, serious risk analysis, and serious discipline to navigate market movements and consistently succeed.

The campaign intricately highlights the casual approaches and upfront states that “If you are casual about the market, #TohMarketMeinMatAa to give retail investors the required wake up call about the need for  ‘Seriousness’ in the stock market. It highlights Sharekhan’s role in assisting those committed to consistently succeed in the market, encouraging them to ascend to become a  ‘Market ka Sher.’ Complementing this are the diverse offerings, strategically crafted to empower investors in their journey toward market proficiency.

Sharekhan’s commitment to investor education goes beyond conventional marketing. The in-house Sharekhan Classroom modules and its subsidiary Sharekhan Education’s Power Money Webinar offer a range of learning modules, emphasizing the brand’s  commitment to an informed approach for succeeding in the stock market. Sharekhan positions itself as a destination for those “Designed for the serious” given its range of offerings namely research based recommendations across segments (Equity, Futures & Options, Commodity & Currency), Experienced Relationship Managers, analysis packed trading platforms, 4000+ Sharekhan centres across 1000+ cities and wide array of education modules

Jaideep Arora, CEO, of Sharekhan (by BNP Paribas) stated, “In my journey of over 25 years in the stock broking industry, from a trader to leading Sharekhan since 2016, I’ve seen firsthand the market’s dual nature: it offers immense opportunities yet carries significant risks. It’s not just about financial acumen; it’s profoundly about attitude. A casual approach can lead to severe setbacks, a truth I’ve observed too often. However, the market is also a space of potential triumphs for those who approach it with seriousness, and unwavering commitment. For those casual about the market, my advice is reconsider your involvement. But if you’re ready to embrace the market with the gravity it demands, we at Sharekhan are here to support and guide you towards success.”

The ‘Designed for the serious’ brand promise underscores Sharekhan’s dedication to advanced trading with unique  tools like Rohit Indicators and Advanced Option Chain. The InvesTiger App exemplifies Sharekhan’s innovative approach to hassle-free investing, offering professionally curated stock baskets through a user-friendly interface.

Recognizing diverse investor needs, Sharekhan strategically introduces segment-specific services such as Sharekhan One, Super Investor, Super Trader, and Sharekhan Classic. This aims to enhance user experience and value by tailoring services to specific market segments, showcasing Sharekhan’s depth of services .

Danny Nathani, Chief Brand Officer, Sharekhan by BNP Paribas stated,  ‘What’s not good for the customer will never be good for business’ – a value that has guided Sharekhan for 23+ years is now again expressed truthfully in this campaign in order to cater to the current state of things in the category. This campaign showcases Sharekhan’s commitment to improving trading & investing practices in India. It represents a much required move to reshape the narrative around stock market trading & investing, fostering a culture of informed and disciplined decision making. While the message is hard hitting, it’s intentionally designed to be so given that its one’s hard earned savings at stake when entering the stock market”


Ashwin Varkey, Founder and Creative Head, Fatmen Ideas stated, – “The idea to tell people to not enter the category was an interesting approach from the get go. It was a complete opposite of what the category seemed to be doing. That’s what I think everyone at Fatmen really tripped on. All credit to the brand and management team at Sharekhan for buying into this approach. And once this was through, bringing Sharekhan alive as a mythical tiger-human was fun”


Abhijit Sudhakar, Ad Film Director & Founder of Zig Zag Films stated, “We jumped at the opportunity of doing this film for Sharekhan cause what’s not to like about a talking tiger dancing in a music video. From a treatment point of view, while the film needed to look slick it was important to make sure that the messaging came out crystal clear and Sharekhan, the protagonist in the film, stood out as the hero. We kept the shot-taking and editing clean and let the characters and choreography bring out the energy in the video. Overall it was a challenging and fun experience and we’d like to thank Sharekhan and Fatmen for trusting us to execute this”

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The brand campaign strategically spans various platforms for optimal reach and engagement. It appeared  prominently on Hotstar Connected TV during India’s Semi-Final in the Cricket World Cup and exclusively for Hotstar mobile viewers during the World Cup Final. In cinemas, the ad aligns with the launch of movies Tiger 3 and Animal. Moreover, it will be showcased on prominent business channels (CNBC TV18, CNBC AWAAZ, CNBC BAZAAR & Zee Business), accompanied by a dynamic social media push featuring some influencers and engagement led initiatives to drive this much required awareness and serious approach’