Shell salutes its team with ‘Ab Duniya Dekhegi’ campaign


Shell Advance India unveiled its new campaign ‘Ab Duniya Dekhegi’ to salute its ‘Ustaadon ke Ustaad’, the passionate and determined team of Shell. The campaign is endorsed by Ranvijay Singh. With the launch of their latest campaign, Shell salutes the will, passion, dedication, hard work and commitment of Shell mechanics and certified trainers.

The campaign is conceptualized by communication and creative agency, Taproot Dentsu India. The campaign reaffirms the brand’s commitment to mechanics. The brand spurs the drive and love for mechanics by acting as a success catalyst to actualize your dreams.

Shell has released three films to promote the ‘Ab Duniya Dekhegi’ campaign. Each of the films focuses on the inspirational stories of successful Shell mechanics who dared to dream big and were passionate to embark on the journey to transform not only their lives but the entire community they serve.

Through this campaign, Shell aims to build a platform that would enable them to foster an emotional connection with rising new-age Indian mechanics. Shell salutes its true Ustaads, and builds a real emotional connection when Ranvijay Singh states in the campaign, “If you listen to the beat in our hearts, you will hear the roar of an engine.”

Shell Advance India instigated its marketing campaign for the ‘Ab Duniya Dekhegi’ campaign by interviewing artificers across the country. The campaign is truly authentic and throws the spotlight directly on “Shell Ustaadon ke Ustaad” by focusing on their inspirational story. In the conceptualization phase, Shell did an in-depth analysis of the mindset of their Ustaads, the drive that urged them to become an inspiration to others within their community.

The ad films released for the campaign covers the story of ordinary citizens who took their love for machines to the next level by playing a phenomenal role in serving their community. The stories featured include that of Mandeep Singh from Punjab, who trained 128 youngsters from his community and helped them find a decent livelihood.

The campaign doesn’t stop with Mandeep Singh becoming a Shell certified trainer. A second film for the campaign features the story of S. Mohan Raj from Chennai, whose king-size passion to heal motorcycles ended up giving him the moniker “the Doctor of Bikes.”

Shell’s ‘Ab Duniya Dekhegi’ campaign prompts customers to download the “Shell Share App” to join the Shell community and actualize their dreams. Shell inspires young mechanics to let the whole world watch as they let their dreams take flight.

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