Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel unveils the return of Indian Culinary Treasures: Edition 2

Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel unveils the return of Indian Culinary Treasures: Edition 2
Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel unveils the return of Indian Culinary Treasures: Edition 2

Hyderabad, 24th November 2023: Following the success of its debut edition, Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel proudly presents the much-anticipated “Indian Culinary Treasures: Edition 2.” The culinary extravaganza will be held at Feast, the fine dining outlet of the five-star hotel from November 24th to December 3rd, 2023. This gastronomic extravaganza will reintroduce a line-up of talented home cooks, each presenting a unique regional delicacy from the heart of the nation. Driven by a passion to spread joy through culinary experiences by the home cooks, Indian Culinary Treasures is a heartfelt initiative that bridges communities and celebrates the diverse culinary culture of our beautiful nation.

The meticulously curated menu reflects the passion and dedication of the culinary maestros, led by Sanjay Rawat, the Executive Chef. Some of the home cooks part of the event include Ruheen, presenting Nizami delights, Nandita Kundu Goswami with Bengali specialties, and Karamjit Kaur Chadha, showcasing Punjabi flavors. Also, one can experience the authentic tastes of Kanisetty Sravani’s Telangana cuisine, Bindu Bhandari’s Punjabi creations, Taru Maheshwari Jain’s Rajasthani Veg wonders, and the culinary delights from Yashita representing Delhi.

Pranay Verdia, General Manager of Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel, shares, “Through engaging cultural events like these, we aim to make Sheraton a go-to-destination in Hyderabad, uniting both local and international communities. Providing a platform for home cooks from across the country aligns perfectly with this purpose. We would like to invite our guests to witness the magic that happens when family members cook with love, and Sheraton aims to make this love and affection accessible to our community through this initiative.”

One can look forward to an enchantment of interactive live stations and witness the culinary artistry firsthand. Also, food lovers can engage with the home chefs, gaining insights into the preparation of each dish and elevate their dining experience beyond mere indulgence, making it interactive, educational, and, most importantly, delicious. Some of the signature specials from the menu will include Haleem, Dal Bati Churma, Uggani, Chingri Fuluri, Bhapa Doi, Makai ki roti, and more etc.

The Indian Culinary Treasures: Edition 2 awaits you during lunch and dinner buffets from November 24th to December 3rd, 2023, at Sheraton Hyderabad Hotel. Don’t miss the chance to embark on a culinary expedition that brings the heart and soul of India to your plate.