Skechers India launches campaign featuring Ananya Panday


The sports and lifestyle brand, Skechers India has introduced a campaign featuring Bollywood actress Ananya Panday, who is appointed to promote both lifestyle and fashion collections. The campaign is named “Originals Keep Moving”.

The campaign video is promoted across all digital media platforms and televisions where the campaign is targeted to gain the attention of the Indian audience and which aims in spreading the concept of inspiring the youth to step up while reminding themselves of the power of never backing down but instead stand firm and move forward.

Through the campaign, the company wants to create a spotlight on the product Skechers D’ Lites, which is the flagship of the brand in fashion lifestyle collections. The product is created based on the design of the iconic 90s sneakers, which were created by Skechers. The campaign film shows Ananya Panday dancing around with different colored sneakers of Skechers, and the sneakers have the brand logo in the midsole, which is the significant factor of the sneakers.

The video is created with full of energy and a cool vibe and is ready to attract the people who are fun lovers, people who love clubbing, dancers, and those who face problems and promotes the idea that in the beginning, there should be a force to move forward and to go beyond the limits.

The chief operating officer of Skechers, David Weinberg stated that there is a great opportunity for the company to expand and that the company by using innovative methods to get the attention of the target customers of all age groups. Through the campaign, the company wants the customers to know more about their product and understand the comfort, innovation, style, and quality provided by the brand.

The chief executive officer of Skechers South Asia, Rahul Vira stated that Skechers is the brand that was created to target the youth, and the company’s focus is to deepen the relationship through communicating with the youngsters and to create a change in the minds of the people.

Ananya Panday stated that to her the campaign means everyone has to face some or other problems in life and that we should not let anything or anyone stop us but instead keep going forward.


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