Duroflex gifts a good sleep in this festive season


Duroflex is India’s most advanced sleep solutions expert for mattresses, pillows, and protectors to suit customer’s requirements. In this festive season, duroflex launches a campaign and it introduces Indians to the gift of good sleep in this Diwali. The campaign encourages customers to give priority to their health and gift themselves and their loved ones the most meaningful and thoughtful gift of good sleep. Duroflex has defined itself as a leader in the industry with innovative products that are the first of its kind in India.

The film brings to light the contemporary actuality of many Indian homes. This video introduces the story of a family preparing to welcome the Diwali festival only to find their son who is working from home, submerged in everyday work stress. The concerned parents give him what he needs the most, a good night’s sleep for his physical and emotional well-being ending in a moment of family bonding.

About this festive campaign Smita Murarka, vice president, marketing, and e-commerce, commented that Living through this pandemic has taken damage to the health and well-being of people and this campaign helps everyone to know more about the importance of sleep. Duroflex has developed its product contribution to health and safety with its latest innovation.

Over the years, Diwali is a celebration of giving loved ones their favorite gift that they value. This Diwali celebration may have changed the attitude continues and with this communication, so the company encourage people to share the most meaningful gift for the people- the gift of good sleep.

This campaign also introduces the brand’s most important range of mattress –Duropedic, which is India’s first doctor-approved orthopedic mattress range. Its exclusive 5-zoned orthopedic technology is tested and approved by the medical experts at the National Health Academy.

Duroflex is one of India’s leading companies that provides sleep solutions with a wide range of premium mattresses and sleep accessories and they redefining the meaning of quality sleep. The company provides a Diwali offer for the customers that shop from Duroflex stores or online at www.duroflexworld.com. Get up to 25% off and rewards up to Rs 7000/- on purchase.


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