#TheSpecialistLeague campaign by TVS Eurogrip


TVS Eurogrip announces a digital and social media campaign titled ‘The Specialist League’. The campaign is aiming at celebrating cricket and leverage the frenzy around the Indian Premier League and unite the fans of the sport.

With a series of posts and videos broadcasted by the company, the campaign has gone live across all of their social media platforms. The campaign is highlighting the brand’s idea to come up with quirky names for the teams such as Kings XI Racers, Boom Bikers, The SunRiders, The Royal Bikers, The Royal Wheels,  The Night Riders and The Dilli Cruisers, and The King Sooperiors.

The campaign #TheSpecialistLeague aims at bringing back the thrill and delight among the people. Along with which it is also intending to entertain and engage audiences with posts celebrating all achievements and milestones of the cricketers on the pitch during the IPL season. A series of short digital films set in the context of gully cricket with one-liners which connects cricket with the two-wheeler tyre category were also released by the brand as a part of the campaign.

This initiative will surely help the brand get a wider reach among its potential customers and attract them as well. These types of campaigns are really helpful to get the customer’s attention and trust, as the campaign is making the customer aware that the brand know’s what the customer exactly needs. With this campaign, encouraging people to celebrate all achievements of the cricketers during this IPL season, the company is letting the people know that they will be doing their best to make the customer delight along with analyzing what makes it thrilling to a customer.

Speaking about the campaign, P Madhavan, executive vice president, sales and marketing, TVS Srichakra, stated that, for Indians, cricket is not just a sport, it’s beyond that. To most, it is religion. This campaign is celebrating exactly that, in a fun and quirky way. In many ways, a good bike ride as well as a good cricket match are similar from a fun, thrill, and delight point of view. The company has attempted to bring this alive through the #TheSpecialistLeague campaign.


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