Skylo and Inmarsat work together to enable the world’s first commercial narrowband IoT over satellite solution


Innovative start-up to connect machines in remote areas national 8th June 2021 Skylo, a satellite-based Narrow Band (NB) IoT solution agency will offer the satellite tv for PC capacity backbone. Inmarsat’s industry-leading L-band network provides a unique capability for enabling the billions of connected IoT devices in India and across the world that are being deployed at a remarkable speed.

Skylo makes simple even more attractive than a sharp increase in adoption due to low barrier-to-entry is deploying critical new business capabilities as machine data will become ready to be had and handy.  We look forward to expanding globally and making our platform to be had to small and huge organizations, companies deploying new sensors, systems integrators, vendors, Governments, and OEMs.

International connectivity is unexpectedly expanding past humans to attach billions of machines and devices. Concurrently, extra operations are requiring accelerated continually available connectivity. Satellite IoT connectivity is changing the face of the way smart matters are linked, allowing real-time information transmission, and greater reliability and fee-effectiveness, especially in which there may be inconsistent or no cell coverage.

Skylo connects machines permitting users to gain from continuous, actual-time data transmission through the Skylo Hub; a small, rugged terminal ‘hotspot’ that reads sensors and transmits facts to the Skylo satellite tv for pc network. Inmarsat’s enterprise-main L-band network will form the spine of the Skylo satellite network, ensuring unheard-of reliability, uptime, and a person enjoy for Skylo customers. Without difficulty attainable via the Skylo data Platform, cell or desktop, users are armed with the capability to take the immediate and appropriate movement to enhance their groups.

Inmarsat is the sector leader in worldwide cellular satellite tv for pc communications. It owns and operates the world’s maximum variety of mobile telecommunications satellite tv for pc networks and holds a multi-layered, global spectrum portfolio, Ka-band, and S-band, allowing remarkable breadth and variety inside the answers offer.

The employer has an unequaled song file of running the area’s maximum dependable worldwide tv for PC. It is also a main riding force in the back of technological innovation in cell satellite tv for pc communications, maintaining its management through massive investment and an effective community of technology and production companions.

Inmarsat operates throughout a diverse portfolio of sectors with the economic sources to fund its commercial enterprise strategy and, holds main positions inside the Maritime, government, Aviation, and organization satcoms markets running always as a relied on, responsive, and partner to its customers across the globe.

Skylo technologies bring disruptively low cost, constantly-on IoT connectivity to hundreds of thousands of machines, sensors, and gadgets, even in the maximum distant places on this planet. Skylo can join sensors on devices and machines in remote regions across a wide variety of industries, consisting of farming, fishing, logistics, railways, and extra.

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