Earn a living with Artificial Intelligence


Today almost every industry is powered by the revolutionary technologies of artificial intelligence or AI. From the usage of chatbots for customer service to use it for analytics and predictions, AI is leading us forward.

Here is how AI and its applications can assist in earning a living and keep you updated with new technology trends.

Become an entrepreneur in the field of AI

Around us, there is always something that needs to be improved. There are things like improved emergency healthcare, faster deliveries, huge workloads, and so on which require better solutions. Identify a pain point and get a group of people to brainstorm ideas, plan solutions, and pitch the same to investors. Likewise, own your AI start-up which makes the world better and fetch you an earning.

Enhance the use of machine learning in e-Commerce

For better or worse, the COVID-19 pandemic has overtaken the purchasing in physical places with practically everything being done online. Because e-commerce shopping is so popular, now is the best time to implement machine learning and continue to improve the experience. You can personalize the service, estimate supply and demand more accurately, improve visual search, and increase the security system.

Use chatbots to get a competitive edge

Most of the websites now have a popping chatbot to provide customer service 24/7. The next development would be a virtual assistant chatbot. Al is the brain that permits chatbots to talk like a human while conversing by using Natural Language Processing (NLP). There are several platforms to make it easier like Botkit and Dialogflow.

Make AI work for your company

You can make your already existing business more systematic with AI. Leverage data from your customers to target their social network feeds with relevant items from your company, or create apps that help your employees work more efficiently. Also, the applications of your business can be made more convenient by additional features like speech synthesis.

 Create your application

Find a solution to a pain point by building an app instead of starting your own business. AI is an integral part of most service-related applications. You can create a simple AI-powered app and monetize it by charging a monthly fee or selling ad space.

Win machine learning competitions

A lot of machine learning competitions can help programmers to earn money. Kaggle is a widely used machine learning platform with cash prizes, and Numerai is a competition where data scientists contest to anticipate asset prices.

Blogs never went out of style

Blogging has now been seen in different forms like audio and video blogging. You can start your blog, vlog, or podcast to tutor budding developers and engineers if you are good at explaining technical concepts. You can create online classes or write books in the field of AI.

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