Snapchat public profiles; a new feature to promote brands


Snapchat, a messaging app with the primary feature of disappearing messages and photos, is now set to become a one-stop destination for authentic brands to bloom. The aim is to support businesses to create a public platform for free.

Because of its disappearing photo principle, the app was primarily considered as an app only for texting, although it already did more. The app was initially created as a communication space for students gradually grew into a ‘new type of camera’ with the best lens features and filters.  And now the app is all set to promote business. The app lets the producers promote their products organically. So that now the products will be suggested to you purely based on your interest, and it will only survive with its quality and authenticity.   

The feature is instantly discoverable throughout Snapchat, and users can find brands through search, mentions, thiscover, lens explorer, and ads. The brands can share their products directly within Snapchat without an influencer or a celebrity which will be a breakthrough opportunity for rocky entrepreneurs. They will also allow the users to subscribe to preferred brands for more information, all while delivering insights to the brands. By providing the brand’s website on the profile, the brands can directly sell their product, making it a brand-new point for sale with better features than other shopping apps. 

Famous brands like Dior, Too faced, and Universal pictures have already created their public accounts in the app. The app enhances the shopping experience by letting the snapchatters stay up to date with the brands. The subscribers can see the brand’s post within their subscription carousel, and non-subscribers can see it within the discover section based on their interests. The only question is whether it can emerge as a new advertising platform rather than space for brands to experiment? Well, the experts are already saying ‘it will.’ 

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