Society for Automotive Fitness & Environment (SAFE) Workshop Explores Sustainable Mobility Imperatives in Road Safety & Environment

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Society for Automotive Fitness & Environment (SAFE) Workshop Explores Sustainable Mobility Imperatives in Road Safety & Environment

Bangalore, 27th September 2023: With the commitment to promote safe transportation across the nation, the Society for Automotive Fitness & Environment (SAFE), an initiative by SIAM, hosted the SAFE Technical Workshop 2023 in Guwahati, Assam, today. The workshop revolved around the theme of ‘Sustainable Mobility Imperatives concerning Road Safety and the Environment‘.

The workshop facilitated dynamic knowledge sharing among stakeholders dedicated to enhancing road safety and addressing environmental concerns. The event was graced by the Chief Guest, Shri Gyanendra Pratap Singh, IPS, Director General of Police, Government of Assam and the Guest of Honour, Shri Adil Khan, IAS, Secretary of Transport, Government of Assam. The gathering also included several distinguished dignitaries and industry experts representing major corporations and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Together, they engaged in discussions on the pressing requirements of emerging technologies, regulations, and policies aimed at fostering inclusive and sustainable mobility.

Delivering his opening remarks for the SAFE Technical Workshop 2023, Mr Prashant K. Banerjee, Executive Director of SIAM, said, “While we addressed the 5E’s of road safety extensively in our discussions, today we introduce the 6th E, which is ‘environment,’ into our deliberations. Progress and development often come with pollution, and SIAM’s comprehensive sustainability mobility initiative, SAFE, reflects this concern. SIAM is at the forefront of the decarbonisation initiative, and we are proud to announce that, in alignment with the Government of India’s ethanol program, all new vehicles are now 20% ethanol-compliant as of March 1, 2023. Assam, known for its innovation, is even exploring the production of ethanol from bamboo and pioneering experiments with methanol, potentially shaping a greener future.”

Addressing the inaugural session of the workshop on ‘Sustainable Mobility and Vehicle Management’, Chief Guest, Shri Gyanendra Pratap Singh, IPS, Director General of Police, Government of Assam said, “At the outset, I would like to thank my colleagues at the police, transport, and traffic departments for their tireless efforts in keeping our roads safe and saving lives. While the driving testing ecosystem has improved, Assam requires high-quality driving schools to provide comprehensive training. SIAM’s crucial role is to ensure that the conversation around road safety and on-road accident fatalities becomes an integral part of all stakeholders, including drivers, vehicles, road conditions, and pedestrians. Pedestrians, in particular, need education to prevent accidents when they find themselves in the wrong place at the 

wrong time. I hope SIAM continues its association with the state enforcement officials and I invite them to actively participate in Assam’s state road safety council meetings. We all need to come together as guardians and agencies of the government to save the lives of the people of this country.”

On this occasion, Shri Adil Khan, IAS, Secretary of Transport, Government of Assam said, “The Assam Government and State machinery have taken-up road safety religiously. As the number of vehicles continues to rise, it is imperative for both the automotive industry and government to collaboratively brainstorm and devise effective 

plans for road safety. The Government of Assam has implemented citizen-friendly measures with a dual goal of promoting a cleaner environment, ensuring fitter vehicles, and enhancing road safety. We remain committed to a sustainable and decarbonised transport sector and welcome suggestions from OEMs and other stakeholders to further strengthen our road safety policies.”

During the inaugural session SAFE workshop, Mr Alok Jaitley, Vice President, SAFE and Executive Vice President, Maruti Suzuki India and Mr Ashish Chutani, Head -Corporate Affairs, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, also shared their insights and perspectives on Sustainable Mobility and Vehicle Management.

The first session focused on ‘Electric Vehicles (EVs) and Sustainable Transportation. It was expertly chaired and moderated by Mr Sushant Naik, Vice President of SAFE and Global Head of Government & Public Affairs at Tata Motors Ltd. 

The session featured thematic presentations from industry leaders: Mr Devendra Gendar, Vice President of PD & Design at VE Commercial Vehicles Ltd, discussed ‘Facilitating EV Development and Adoption.’ Shri Ohed Uz Zaman, ACS, Joint Secretary at the Government of Assam, Investment Cell, Industries, Commerce & PE Department, presented on ‘Policy Incentives and Subsidies for EV Adoption.Mr G. Sathiyaseelan, Chair of the SIAM Styling & Design Committee and Vice President (Design) at Ashok Leyland highlighted the role of ‘Design as an Enabler in Promoting Safer E-Public Transportation.’

The second session focused on ‘Biofuels and their Role in Green Transportation’ was moderated by Mr Alok Jaitley, Vice President, SAFE. Guest of Honour, Dr. S Lakshmanan, IAS, Managing Director, Guwahati Smart City Limited also addressed the gathering and shared his perspective on green transportation. 

During this session, Shri Oinam Sarankumar Singh, IAS, Managing Director of Assam Hydrocarbon & Energy Company Ltd. (Ministry of Mines and Minerals), delivered a presentation on ‘Biofuels and their Role in Green Transportation,’ while Ms Sumathy Mohan, Technical Head at IOCL, discussed the ‘Role of Indian refineries in transitioning to cleaner fuels.’ They provided a comprehensive exploration of this critical aspect of sustainable transportation.

In the third session titled ‘Ease of Doing Business: Vehicle Registration Process, Regulations, HSRP & VLTD,Mr Harjeet Singh, Executive Advisor (Technical),       

Hero MotoCorp, chaired and moderated the discussion. Guest of Honour, Shri Rahul Chandra Das, ACS, Managing Director, ASTC, Guest of Honour, Dr Shantanu Datta, Member Secretary, Pollution Control Board, Assam and Guest of Honour, Shri Adil Khan, IAS, Secretary of Transport, Government of Assam, also provided their invaluable insights during the session.

The session also featured industry experts who covered essential topics. These included ‘Inspection and Maintenance ‘ discussed by Mr Gururaj Ravi, Deputy General Manager, Maruti Suzuki India, the ‘Process of HSRP and ‘Importance of VLTD’ explained by Mr  Dilip Chenoy, Independent Director at Rosmerta, and insights into the “Bharat New Car Assessment Program (BNCAP)”  presented by Ms Pamela Tikku, Vice President & Head of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. These presentations offered a concise overview of vehicle registration processes, regulations, and associated aspects of the automotive industry.

The workshop concluded on a high note, marked by a rich and insightful exchange of ideas, best practices, and strategies, fostering a collaborative spirit between government officials and esteemed industry experts. On this occasion, SAFE felicitated the following individuals for their outstanding contributions to road safety in Assam.

S.No.Name of AwardeeCategoryOrganisation
1Mr Ayush RanaInnovation in RoadEngineering AwardNHAI, Guwahati, Assam
2Mr Gautam DasRoad Safety Warrior 1Transport Department, Guwahati
3Mr Himanshu Kumar DasRoad Safety Enforcement & Law EnforcementExcellence AwardTransport Department, Guwahati
4Mr Sahabuddin TapadarEducation & AwarenessExcellence AwardTransport Department, Guwahati
5Mr Deepjyoti NeogEncouragement of SafeRoad Behaviour AwardTransport Department, Guwahati
6Mr J S RongforRoad Safety Research and EvaluationAchievement AwardTransport Department, Guwahati
7Mr Manish Kumar TiwariRoad Safety Warrior 2Traffic Police, Guwahati
8Mr Sanjay RabhaRoad Safety Warrior 3Traffic Police, Guwahati
9Mr Samser AliRoad Safety Warrior 4Traffic Police, Guwahati
10Mr Santosh RahangRoad Safety Warrior 5Traffic Police, Guwahati