Sonali Sokhal- COVID-19 was the digital pivot we all needed


The transition to digital is occurring at an accelerated pace. Going forward, what is going to be the role of digital in PR and the way brands and agencies will adapt to the present within the new normal?

COVID-19 was the digital pivot we all needed. Yet, the principles of PR haven’t changed, only the mediums. The necessity for measurability, tracking and ROI ensures that digital PR will play a greater role across all sectors and verticals. Brands and agencies have already adapted to the present new normal within the past one and a half years. Digital PR may grow immensely, but traditional titles will stay in great demand. Digital PR is additionally getting to play an outsized role in increased visibility across mediums as brands search for backlinks to stories, and syndicated news amplifies the reach. It also is a really important medium to direct organic traffic back to brand social media and websites, and this is often how brands and agencies are going to be performing on an equivalent. Digital PR also plays a crucial role in establishing thought leadership for a brand when spokespersons discuss industry and domain.

AI and technology are going to be the sport changer within the coming years, especially within the area of knowledge. What are your views on this and the way agencies are gearing up to face this new challenge?

AI and technology are great tools for listening in. It allows PR professionals to automate repetitive tasks like tracking and media coverage analysis. It is, therefore, an excellent tool for listening in, which we forget should be the primary and foremost role of PR, because it helps to analyse Share of Voice, tonality and demographics commenting on their brands. However, PR is an intuitive profession, which can need human intervention when it involves implementation. Unlike many other tasks, it’s not repetitive or linear. It’s a dynamic environment that involves empathy and listening. So, it’ll still need human efforts going forward. As brands continue to grow across geographies, it also helps them measure sentiments from consumers, stakeholders and industry. It also can help in shortlisting and filtering an optimum subset of Influencers for brands to create communities with.

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