Sony LIV’s Shantit Kranti 2 welcomes Priyadarshini Indalkar and Priya Banerjee to its spectacular cast

Sony LIV’s Shantit Kranti 2 welcomes Priyadarshini Indalkar and Priya Banerjee to its spectacular cast

After the success of Shantit Kranti, Sony LIV is now gearing up for the release of the highly
anticipated second season of its hit Marathi original. The critically acclaimed show is set to
take viewers on another enthralling journey filled with laughter, relatability, and introspection.
Adding a fresh twist to the narrative, the makers have unveiled two new additions to the cast
– Priyadarshini Indalkar and Priya Banerjee.
This season will see Priyadarshini Indalkar, known for her remarkable stint on Maharashtrachi
Hasyajatra, step into the shoes of Samruddhi, who navigates through the complexities of an
arranged marriage with Shreyas. On the other hand, the versatile actress Priya Banerjee will
be seen essaying the role of Kani, an NRI from San Francisco. 
Expressing her excitement about Shantit Kranti 2, Priyadarshini Indalkar shared, “I instantly
resonated with Samruddhi’s character when it was first pitched to me. She’s a
straightforward woman who believes in the power of genuine connections. Her journey in the
show is a testament to the power of love’s potential. I can’t wait for the audience to witness
my character and her relationship with Shreyas in the series.”
Talking about her role in the series, Priya Banerjee added, “Kani’s character is such a
beautiful blend of spontaneity and self-reflection. I think a lot of our generation can relate to
her earnest search for happiness. Kani’s journey reminded me that life’s most special
moments can be found in the simplest, most unexpected places. Shantit Kranti 2 is a
rollercoaster of emotions and I’m so grateful to be a part of this incredible project.”
Created by TVF in association with BhaDiPa and produced by Arunabh Kumar, the show is
Directed by Sarang Sathaye and Paula McGlynn. The series stars Abhay Mahajan, Alok
Rajwade, Lalit Prabhakar, Mrinmayee Godbole, Priya Banerjee, Priyadarshini Indalkar among