SPACE India bestowed at India STEM Summit and Awards 23

SPACE India bestowed at India STEM Summit and Awards 23
SPACE India bestowed at India STEM Summit and Awards 23

New Delhi, October 25, 2023— SPACE India, a leading organization dedicated to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) education, celebrated an achievement at the India STEM Summit & Awards’ 23, India’s 5th Largest STEM Education Conference, held on October 16, 2023.

Mr. Shivam Gupta, the Managing Director of SPACE India, was presented with the “STEM Entrepreneur of the Year Award,” recognizing his exceptional contributions to the field. Under his leadership, SPACE India has empowered 1000+ schools and inspired more than 1.5 Million students with unique learning pedagogy based around hands-on learning. Additionally, Mr. Mitul Jain, Managing Director of SPACE India, collected the prestigious award of “Vocational Education Award” for SPACE India’s outstanding work in developing vocational education activities and content. Skills gained from vocational courses/workshops by SPACE India help students perform well in futuristic sectors such as Astronomy, Space Science, Robotics & Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The event was graced by the incredible presence of Shri Nitin Jairam Gadkari, Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Government of Bharat. The summit provided a platform for insightful discussions on emerging trends in STEM Education. Topics spanned from Artificial Intelligence to virtual reality, aligning seamlessly with UN sustainability goals. The deliberations centered around leveraging STEM Education to eliminate uneven economic growth and promote inclusive, woman-led, and youth-led development. These discussions were integral to the vision of shaping a progressive Bharat, transforming the nation into a knowledge capital, embracing regional diversity, and prioritizing women’s leadership to eradicate gender disparities for sustainable economic growth.

A highlight of the event was an engaging conversation with ISRO Women scientists, where attendees, including school children, had the opportunity to pose thought-provoking questions to these remarkable women. The scientists emphasized the inclusion of students in upcoming ISRO missions and highlighted the absence of gender bias within the Indian Space Research Organisation, crediting the supportive environment fostered by male colleagues.

The scientists also shared insights derived from the success of Chandrayaan-3, underscoring key behavioral aspects that corporations could learn from. They emphasized the significance of talent over gender, the importance of offering effective solutions, the grounding nature of failure, and the transformative power of passion and exploration.

Addressing budding scientists, the experts encouraged perseverance, emphasizing that challenges should not deter their pursuit of knowledge and innovation. They urged the youth to aim higher, asserting that India has surpassed the sky, implying that limitless possibilities await beyond traditional boundaries.

This recognition reaffirms SPACE India’s commitment to excellence in STEM education and its dedication to fostering innovation, inclusion, and leadership within the field.