Srikanth Acharya appeared in 500 episodes of B2B video series


OffiNeeds, an Indian commercial gifting and custom wares establishment, felt the Covid- 19 challenge as a covey with nippy on- the- spot study and applaudable tenacity. The establishment, which has its headquarters in Bengaluru, grew by moving operations online and indeed launching multitudinous ground- breaking programmes, one in all which, which lately broadcast its 500th occasion and features a fresh gifting conception every morning at 11 AM.

Discussion with Srikanth Acharya, Author & CEO- OffiNeeds about this corner

• Please give us a summary of how the epidemic affected your association, and also the way did you bounce back?

 Tourism, events, and company gifts all suffered greatly as a result of the lockdown. We reduced our yearly profit from Rs 1 crore within the half- moon of 2020 to simply Rs,000 in April 2020. We switched into survival mode and shifted our company’s focus to be far more on data analytics, technology, and logistics. We introduced verticals, whose goods made performing from home more accessible. We strengthened the arrangement for present delivery to homes, which was veritably successful. was likewise born during the epidemic and continues to be operating moment.

• Are you suitable to partake more on came into being?

In the midst of the epidemic, in February 2021, we began it. Due to WFH, work surroundings altered and in- person meetings came nearly insolvable, which had a bearing on us because, up yet, we had used gift samples to physically present to guests so on complete orders. I started making hastened, improvisational pictures from my house to entails guests our particulars and partake them through WhatsApp to anyone who might ask. I snappily came to know the eventuality of videotape marketing for our followership, which is primarily product of HR and executive professionals working in businesses of each kind. We started posting one fresh giving conception or style online daily as a videotape occasion. This was how it began.

• What are variety of the products that are showcased so far?

We’ve everything you want, from the foremost recent speakers and headphones to robotic vacuum cleansers, ecological agronomists, organic coffee mugs, glamorous laptop stands, coat jackets, t- shirts, and packs. Our selection includes wholesome snack foods, office accessories, board games, and rest products that encourage this philanthropist to enjoyably upgrade their STEM chops.

• You are celebrating the foremost important corner of 500 occurrences of the commercial Gift Show. What has been the engagement and impact so far?

 Every day at 11 AM, the net point features a relief commercial gifting conception that the community can discover fresh and interesting present suggestions. These vids were produced in- house and are available yet as OffiNeeds’ Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube accounts.

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