Jobs can now be found on Slack via Networking


The Slack Frontiers event was held in person in New York City and remotely via Salesforce+, a hint to the hybrid future that the collaboration and the messaging platform are betting on. The event derived for the introduction of Slack’s newest features and enactment that it will provide it through its digital platform. With the following feature, it also gave away a new feature for all the job seekers who are willing and able to do a job. With a dynamic background of over 150 million users, Slack is a platform for spreading the message and designing a specific form of information, it provides a workplace for all the employers and employees for maintaining a good database.

Slack is now being able to use for generating employment over the platform, with the help of such a diversified network of people who are currently operating on Slack who can be coined as the potential recruiters for the respective companies. Therefore, now the desired candidates can apply and have a regular check over Slack for the employment and job opportunities that Slack may provide with the user-integrated platform.

But it is not that easy to get the attention of potential Job givers and seekers, as Slack would be facing the direct competition of the Job oriented platform LinkedIn. Though LinkedIn has the feature of a chat box and personalized feed for the people seeking a job, still Slack has an upper hand over these features as it provides some additional features to its users for communicating on the platform. As mentioned above the event that was held earlier for the Slack Frontiers mentioned that they have started integrating some of the respectable companies like Microsoft and Facebook to diversify the user base for the employment generation. Yet, the process is still in the beta version and hence it will eventually take time for the digital workplace platform to grow its base for jobs creating an appropriate supply to demand of the job seekers. Although they have started using the model of networking through Facebook in their platform, they still it is having some bugs and glitches in their platform they need to urgently resort to. After a brief amount of time with all the elements of the platform stabilized, then the users of Slack would be able to get the smooth experience of browsing through the various jobs posted on the platform.

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