Slack partners with Amazon to take on Microsoft


In this extreme situation due to the pandemic, business meetings and educational lecturers have been shifted to online platforms. Many online video conference platforms had to get immediate updates to tackle this extreme situation. Likewise many small and established ventures are seeking help and partnerships agendas to enhance their user interface.

Several reports tell us that Slack is seeking partnership with Amazon for a long term agreement so that all the employees around the world can use slack. This is given the extremely competitive contest from other software companies especially Microsoft Teams. Furthermore slack will transfer its voice and video features to Amazon’s Chime with enhanced adoption of Amazon Web Services(AWS). The agreement runs over the enterprise, on the other hand, the increased member of Amazon employees of about 8,40,000 could cause a feasibility problem. Slacks’ brightest customer was IBM, which has already registered about 3,50,000 of its total employees. With this agreement, slack can access the Amazon Cloud Services to the extent its database as Amazon has decided to share its computing capabilities, database, security manifestations, analytics, machine learning power to its new partners. In a foreseeable future, slack is not expected to use any of the cloud services from Google or Microsoft Azure. Vice president of business and corporate development at Slack has already stated that ” we have not used Azure” instead “the vast majority of our services already run on AWS”. He also adds that its ” not likely” than Slack might be looking forward to using MS Azure in the future.

However Slack voice and video conferencing are of minimal quality when compared to Microsoft Teams, but its new collaboration can increase the quality to a competitive level. Slack has already started venturing into its new features. Armstrong says, for now, we are just focused on shoring up the back end. “as Chime has additional features, we are looking at bringing the mobile experience to include a video which it doesn’t today. We are also looking at transcription”. Slack and Amazon could be a promising duo of product unity for service like AWS chatbox. Furthermore Slack and AWS will enhance the Amazon AppFlow to structure its y directional transfer of database between AWS services and Slack channel


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