Hurdles in buying a new laptop during this pandemic: Customer data cues


The pandemic has highly hit the economy and made it worse for people to decide on what to buy at what time. Everyone is having different perceptions of buying things, especially gadgets. Work from home scheme forced people to buy laptops and pc and thus increased the demand and shortage. In the case of Kate Kozuch, a journalist orders a new laptop to replace the old one. A wide range of laptops from different brands with different add -ons and configuration options are available, which makes it difficult for the consumers to make a decision.

After Kozuch has booked the Mc Book she expected its delivery after a long period only, luckily she got the item before the expected time. She received the item within two weeks which cannot be considered as delayed delivery. As the pandemic and lockdown days have closed the proper working of all firms. But the situation was just opposite with Robin Gloss, a college student. She hasn’t received the item on the expected date.

BJ Adams, another customer was disappointed with the service because the company couldn’t shift the item even after the expected delivery date. So the problems with each customer are different. Retail Analytics firm stack line found that there is a growth in the traffic to laptop product pages from 100 to 130% year over year.

The number of people who are looking for laptops is more but they are facing certain troubles in identifying and finding the exact products in stock to purchase. this is because due to the long lockdown days people had to work from home, thus the demand for laptops increased but supply was very less.

The outbreak of the Corona Virus hit the laptops manufacturers very badly in the initial time as cities across China were in lockdown. Even though the lockdowns and quarantines of china got over still shortages continue and demand increases. The countries around the World have restricted air, water, rail, and road transportation, it was very difficult to transport the item from the manufacturing countries.

Not only employees are working but also students over 40 million around the world are attending online classes due to school closures. So the sales of cheaper devices have exploded in recent months. Finding a good laptop with the suitable configurations and specs and the shipment of that particular item is the major problem of this time.  


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