Star Maa unveils its new identity


You set the benchmark when you’re the leader. Under the Star Maa umbrella, Disney Star India’s Telugu bouquet – which has been number one in that language since one can remember – is going in for a refresh of its identity.

 Star Maa’s new visual symbol has refreshed its identity. “We believe Star Maa has three important aspects in common- pride in our Samskruthi (culture), our Sampradayam (tradition) and story weaving towards Purogati (progress). Our attempt at Star Maa is to commemorate the blend of those three aspects in every storey we tell. From all this emerges the impression of our new identity. We think that we all have that little bit of Star Maa within us.”

General Entertainment, Movies, and Music are the three genres in which the channel group Star Maa operates. It has a unique culture in all three genres it functions Commanding a 25 per cent combined market share these streams own the highest percentage of television viewership in Telugu. Star Maa enjoys a 30 per cent + market share in the GEC category and is a dominant leader with the widest programming variety. Star Maa movies are the largest channel of movies and the most lively and distinct youth destination for Star Maa Music.

The brand refresh had been unveiled in Bigg Boss 4 launch episode. While launching the logo, Nagarjuna, the host, summed it up by saying it’s a fresh beginning to an even more wonderful journey of an already very strong brand.

Talking at the event, the spokesperson for Star Maa replied: “We are incredibly humbled by the love that the viewers have showered us over the last few years and our efforts with the fresh start and a new identity are to thank our viewers and offer them a channel that they feel more proud to be part of. Our audiences are our inspiration and what drives us is their ability to sustain their roots while developing the wings to fly. This change is aimed at celebrating the cultural wealth of the Telugu region and building us not only as an entertaining brand but also as an inspiring storyteller who influences society.

You set the pace when you’re the leader.  In the Telugu market, Star Maa is a very dominant channel. Its general shows of entertainment/reality occupy four of the five best slots.


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