ID.4 is flush with the body and the door handles are fitted with the electrical unlocking. Calm and elegant colours called Lunar Grey and Galaxy Black dominate the interior of this model.

The steering wheel, steering column,display housings and the door control panels come in sleek Piano Black or new Electric White.

Volkswagen shows the interior of the new ID.4 before its world premiere later this month. The first fully-electric SUV of the Volkswagen brand has adequate space, contemporary design and high-efficiency illumination. Volkswagen will launch its electric SUV journey this month with the all-new ID.4 electric SUV. Electric SUV Volkswagen ID.4 is part of a global plan for producing billions of electric vehicles for the fight against climate change in the world. The exterior designs of Volkswagen’s ID.4 electric SUV have recently been seen and the vehicle has also given us a glimpse

ID.4 is flush with the body and the door handles are fitted with the electrical release. The driver and the passengers have a high seating position through wide door openings while the rear seat bench provides passengers with plenty of room. A lot of baggage is also easy to transport – the cargo area with a rear sitting of 858 litres. Calm and elegant colors called Lunar Grey and Galaxy Black dominate the interior. A classic Piano Black or Classic Electric White are the steering wheel, steering column, display handles, and the control panels on the doors.

The interior design of ID.4 illustrates the spatial sense as the dash panel tends to float because it is not connected to the centre console, which was created as a separate component. A fixed glass roof, which is accessible, offers an unlimited view of the sky. You can also get 30-colour ambient light, which is adaptable in accordance with your mood and preference, to set the tone within the car. The ID.4 is issued with the Name. Light — a light strip under the windscreen that assists drivers in a variety of instances with intuitive lighting effects in various colors.

In simple terms, it lightens information shown by the driver assist and navigation system and also signals and incoming calls


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