StockGro Launches Video Campaign with Top Finance Influencers to Simplify Stock Investments for the Youth


Videos featuring Sharan Hegde, Anushka Rathod, and Shreyaa Kapoor lands the campaign’s message ‘Stock market me no jugaad, trading seekhna hai toh StockGro karo yaar’ has reached millions of viewers 

National, 27th April, 2022: Social investment platform StockGro collaborated with popular financial influencers Anushka Rathod, Sharan Hegde, and Shreyaa Kapoor for their video campaign to make stock investment conversations simpler & more relatable for millennials and GenZ users in India. StockGro is the first brand to rope in top three influencers for their video campaign. Their first video featuring Anushka Rathod was launched in the first week of April, followed by Sharan’s and Shreya’s videos which have gained a viral status already.  

On a quest to make stock and investment inclusive and jargon free, StockGro has created the video campaign based on day-to-day life and conversations in real-time. In the video campaign, starring Anushka Rathod as a character stuck amidst strangers vying to give her financial advice, is looking for an escape through StockGro. 

The following campaign included Sharan Hegde who leveraged the country’s love for cricket to explain the lack of trials in real-world stock markets and going for a risk free experience via StockGro. Furthermore, Shreyaa Kapoor donned the astrology hat and took on the role of a palm reader to explain how investing success can be ensured through trading practice on StockGro.

All three video campaigns were creatively delivered by the influencers and harboured the common messaging of “Stock market me no jugaad, trading seekhna hai toh StockGro karo yaar”. The effortless depiction with quirky narrative hit the chord with the viewers and has garnered millions of views. They are identified with hashtags #StockGro #IPL2022 and #StockGroXRCB.

The aim to join hands with India’s top finance collaborators is to capture the common investment emotion while maintaining a youthful essence with a hint of quirk and a dash of fun relatability. 

Ajay Lakhotia, Founder & CEO, StockGro states, “The Indian youth harbours great potential when it comes to trading or stock investment, but need guidance and practice before entering the real deal. StockGro proactively offers the very thing and this is what we intend to bring awareness to via this video campaign with India’s most popular finance influencers. These video campaigns are intended to convey knowledge, and best market practices but with a twist.”

The video campaign was launched on StockGro’s Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. 


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