StockGro wraps up the year, #StockWrap2021


StockGro is geared up to wrap the year on an entertaining and educative note for its consumers.   

They unveiled #StockWrap2021, a gamified yearly wrap-up, harnessing its fintech expertise and enthusiasm for developing user-friendly content.  

India’s first and largest social investment platform, StockGro aims to help people in mastering the art of ‘Trading & Investment’. The company aims to make investing and trading procedures easier for people.   

The #StockWrap2021 takes a deep dive into the stock market’s events of the year, providing the users with end-to-end and comprehensive comments on the good and bad of the stock market in the previous year.  

This interactive microsite campaign encompasses content that has been broadly divided down into month-by-month highlights for ease of consumption. It takes up an engaging approach to learning about the stock market, allowing the users to actively partake in the information session.  

The campaign is designed in such a way that #StockWrap2021 opens with a game. Similar to the Dinosaur Game on Google Chrome, instead of the ancient creature a bull is in its place which crosses the milestones of the Indian Stock Market 2021. People can navigate the bull to jump through obstacles that reveal the year 2021’s monthly stock market events.  

It is a great and entertaining method to bring in information on the market’s annual wrap while maintaining the engagement factor. The gamification is the platform’s trademark aspect that helps the users to have fun and can understand investment and trading at the same time.  

All the new users of #StockWrap2021 have a surprise awaiting them when they download the StockGro app, they can win cash prizes up to ₹100. And also, every hour one fortunate user will win ₹1000.  

“Through StockGro, we aim to simplify the stock market and its learning for our users,” says Ajay Lakhotia, Founder & CEO of StockGro.

He added that the campaign is another one of its kind that aims at educating its customers about the stock market in a fun and interactive way.

To wrap up the season, they intend to impart the necessary market lessons to their consumers, which they can later apply when they step into the trading world in the new year. 

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