Inside the Spotify Wrapped for Advertisers 2021


Music has been a form of healing from time immemorial. When the pandemic hit, the power of music continued to bring all sorts of emotions and feelings to people. Even celebrities were seen singing songs in solidarity with everyone who was in lockdown.

Spotify is a Swedish based music and audio streaming platform. It is one of the biggest platforms in this category in the world.

In the digital audio scene, Spotify has taken a major role. Listeners, creators, and advertisers now can build new connections and grow with each other. It also helped elevate moments, inform opinions, provide education and inspire moods.

Spotify Wrapped for Advertisers, a report published annually by Spotify gives the marketers insight into the ongoing market trends. This helps in targeting the right audience. It is especially good at finding the data of Gen Z and millennials since they are the generations that use technology the most. The report reveals five such trends.

  1. Always On: Audio has become a constant companion. 79% global audience revealed that digital audio was used to combat screen fatigue. 61% of GenZ and millennials globally felt empowered to build a “better normal”.
  2. Amplified Connections: Sound helped everyone unite through culture. Bridging the gap between oneself and their loved ones by sharing content. As a way of staying in touch, Spotify acted as a soundtrack to daily lives. 59% of GenZ and millennial users shared content with friends. Last year, more than 22 million collaborative Spotify playlists were created.
  3. Household harmony: Shared listening in the home which kept everyone together during the pandemic. Communal listening took a comeback last year with smart speakers serving as the centrepiece. Among parents, 63% said they listened to content through smart speakers.
  4. Eclectic Sounds: Podcasts opened listeners to a different range of experiences. More than ever before, 68% of Gen Z and millennial users discovered more likeable content. Podcasts were popular among users aged 15-44.
  5. Right Time, Right Vibes: Sound assisted in amplifying the moment. It became a tool in creating the right vibe for the time. Nostalgic, relaxing, vibey and energetic playlists came to the Top 202 most-streamed playlists this year.

This report will help marketers to build a meaningful audience in 2022.

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