Gen Z Indians turn to online learning even in challenging situations


On this Worlds Youth Skills Day, 2021, Career Aspirations Gen Z India was launched by LinkedIn and by research firm GfK focuses on Insights of 1000 Gen Z students, and professionals under the age of 18 to 24 years, across June 2021.

Based on the survey, 51% of Gen Z Indians want employers to value skills. 85% of Gen Z embrace online learning as COVID-19 disrupts future academics. 

The In-depth analysis to understand how the pandemic affected the careers and education plan of the youth and what are the struggles they are facing to pursue job and skilling opportunities.

Based on the survey of current changing perceptions, and future outlook towards jobs, skilling, and other opportunities. Around 72% of students and 65% of Gen Z   Indians were professionals during the second wave. Most of the Gen Z Seekers in India have been demotivated after the Job offer rejections. 70% of the applications got canceled or delayed due to setbacks and 90% of Gen Z applicants are dejected.

Skills are the currency for workforce transformation and the only solution to evolve workforce dilemma.

The Biggest barrier to get ahead in a pandemic is Gen Z Indians cited fewer opportunities, slower recruitment, and higher competition are the three top reasons affecting job search. Another barrier is the lack of guidance for skilling and increasing family responsibilities during the pandemic.

Based on the survey, 40 percent of higher aspirations have been postponed and some canceled their plans due to financial constraints and travel restrictions.

About 80% of Gen Z Indians are looking for good guidance, and the right skilling path and they are focusing on upgrading their skills to improve their self-confidence, career opportunities, and growth.

Most of the Gen Z Indians are now turning to online learning despite too many interactions at home and connectivity issues and limited interaction with peers.

They choose their online courses based on the quality of the faculty, affordability, and accessible content. Today Indian young professionals are focusing more on developing the right skills to stand out in job search.

These days’ work experience has become the most challenging. 51% of Gen Z Indians want employers to make skill-based hires.

Gen Z has highly focused on upgrading the skills to improve self-confidence, career opportunities, and growth.

Tech skills are the most important in today’s economy youth are focusing on the importance of human skills. Learning soft skills and hard skills are more useful today. Gen Z has more learning on the top 5 soft skills and top 5 Hard skills.

The top 5 soft skills are creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Time management, Leadership, and Effective communication. The top 5 Hard skills are Data science, Marketing Engineering, Financial Management, and AI & Automation. 

LinkedIn committed to help companies adopting a skill-based hiring approach and urge them to hire for the future, not for the past. The most important part of this mission is to help the companies speak the same skill language encourage skills and build paths to hire for the skills.

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